About Us

Hi there! We're the Atwoods. I'm Rachel and that's my super smart, handy, planner husband Nathan. We've been Mr. and Mrs. for five years, and what a blessed five years it has been! We give all the glory to God. He’s the one who is carrying us through and teaching us much about love and lots about Him. 

In June of 2012, we welcomed a sweet baby boy named William to our clan. He's taught us a lot about life already - specifically that God's plans are better than ours will ever be (you can read his birth story here). He's your typical energy-filled toddler boy who loves dirt, rocks, running, and helping daddy fix things around our property. In May 2014, we added a bit of sweetness to our family when little Lydia came along (you can read her birth story here). She's got her daddy's red hair and enjoys jumping, smiling, and laughing.

We're transplants from the south who bought our first home in the busy suburbs of Upstate New York, and most recently relocated BACK to the south and purchased a home in the country! Phew - are you still with me here?! ;)

When we first got married, we were far away from our family and friends down south so this blog was started to keep everyone in the loop. I never imagined I'd still be blogging five years, two states, two houses and two kids later! 

The majority of my posts revolve around the adventures of marriage through our newlywed(ish) lenses, the trials joys of owning an older home in the country, what we’re learning on our faith journey, what we’re cooking in our kitchen and how our littles keep us on our toes!

We hope you enjoy reading along.