Wednesday, December 9, 2015

18 Months of Lydia

It's hard to believe our Lydia Bear is 18 mos old! This is probably my most favorite age - she's still hanging on to her chubby baby thighs, neck and arm rolls, and needing her pacifiers and cuddles but starting to explore her vocabulary, independence and assert her opinion every now and then. Not a baby, but not quite a toddler either. Easily distracted, which means tears dry up quickly and easy to please! 

We had some family photos done recently, and I loved how the photographer captured the kids' unique personalities - this one was my favorite of Lydia's sweet smile. 

Some of her favorite things right now: pushing her baby in the "stro-yo" (stroller), playing cars with brother, having school with brother (pictured below), climbing, being read to, piggy back rides, bath time, eating, rolling/kicking/catching balls, playing ring-around-the-rosie, playing hide and seek with brother, and playing outside. 

We receive compliments on her hair on a daily basis when we're out. I'm so thankful for her red curls! They suit her so well :) And they get curlier when we have a rainy or a humid day. I'm sure she'll love that when she's a teenager ;) 

As far as pre-toddlers go, Lydia has been really easy so far. Whenever she tries to touch something off-limits we just have to tell her "no" once and then she doesn't really test it again. So far, she has a compliant spirit and is really tenderhearted. We pray she keeps this because it's such a sweet part of her personality right now. 

We never really had to teach her table manners because girlfriend loves to eat - no throwing food on the floor for her - she hardly lets any go to waste ;) Her favorites for breakfast are eggs or oatmeal, for lunch she likes peanut butter and jelly, and her favorite dinner time meal is spaghetti. She loves all fruits, and vegetables (especially roasted) and loves "yo-yo" (yogurt).   

We just had her 18-month check up last week and she is 23.5 lbs for weight and 31 inches for height. She's wearing mostly 18-24 mos clothes. She loves adding to her outfits by putting on her necklaces, carrying her purse, asking for a bow, or picking out her own shoes. I love how girly she is, but I also love seeing her play in the dirt and make car sounds with her big brother :) The two of them are mostly sweet when they play together. They do pretty well unless one of them wants something the other one has. :)

The biggest changes for her the past few months have been moving to one nap/day and moving her forward facing this month. We held off moving William forward facing until he was two, but Lydia has been protesting the car seat and crying a lot in it lately which makes for a really miserable car ride. Once we switched her around, it's like it opened up a whole new world :) She loves to read books with William and dance to music in the car. 

Lydia Ann, we love your bubbly personality and your bravery - you love being around people and making them smile, and I pray the Lord will use that in a mighty way. Stay sweet! xoxo

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