Saturday, October 10, 2015

Living Room - 2 Years Later

This room is probably our most evolving room in the house. We've been here two years, and it has taken on a lot of different looks. Partly because it's so large and I've had a lot of trouble furnishing it. 

However, the current layout is probably our favorite. It's practical (which is good because this is one of our main rooms to hang out in as a family) and the seating flows well now for conversation. 

But before I reveal the current photos, let's back things up a bit and look at where we started:

2013 - Blank Slate!

See what I mean? Huge!

This was 1-month in. Still pretty bare bones. 

Three months in, we bought a cool vintage red chair, an oversized ivory chair, and a gigantic piece of artwork to help fill the space

Around the fifth month mark, we lightened things up by redoing our coffee table, buying a vintage rocking chair, and adding in some extra throw pillows

 We finally got around to adding poly to the coffee table to finish it off, and we found some curtains we loved at Kirklands. 

Things stayed like this for a while - changing variation in where the ivory oversized chair was (in front of the window, in the corner, etc). 

Then we decided to finally paint (we went with a light gray)! We also sold the rocking chair and oversized chair and got something more "manly" in the space (Nathan's words, not mine). We opted for a faux leather chair that has quickly become a favorite. We also switched out the artwork above the mantel for a Nathan Atwood original (grin) and did even more furniture moving. Oh, and we hung some more stuff on the wall to make it feel more lived-in. 

This is how things look today:

 I don't like toy clutter, so that white wire three-tiered drawer unit in the corner blends in well with the room but also holds Lydia's toys. We also keep the Pack and Play set up in here because this is where she has Independent Play Time each morning. 

 That colorful canvas was one Nathan swiped at a yard sale. At first it looked way too large for our space, but it gives the room some nice color. The Coke crate on the side table is also a practical piece that holds our library books for the kids. Did I mention I don't like clutter? ;)

Our main area for keeping toys out of sight in this room is this Armoire tucked into the corner. We found it on Craigslist and it's original use was as an entertainment center (it had electrical hook up inside for storing a TV). We love this thing! I store William's cars, trucks, and all the kids' books down on the bottom half, and on the top half I put out-of-reach toys that make a huge mess (puzzles, blocks, etc) that I want the kids to have limited access to. We also keep diaper bags, my purse, and cloth bags for Aldi shopping up top. 

 This is our updated mantle artwork - Nathan took this when we lived in Rochester, and it's one of my favorite waterfall prints. It adds a real calmness to the space and looks much better than the oversized artwork we had there before. 

I love finally having a layout and furnishings in here that work for us. And I'm so happy to have that pastel peach color gone from the walls! 


  1. LOVE that you are sharing these posts with us. I am really enjoying the transformations and walk through of how you guys decided to decorate, arrange, etc. I have followed your adventures since you were pregnant with William and still living in your house in NY. So fun to see! We are kinda in the same stage of life so it's so fun to follow along with you.

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