Friday, September 4, 2015

First Day of Preschool

It's hard to believe my baby is old enough to start preschool, but here we are!

I went back and forth all summer on what we should do this fall - keep things the way they were, start William in a formal preschool program, enroll him in MDO, do something from home, etc. More than anything I felt like I was the one who needed something. Don't get me wrong, I love staying home, but I was getting a tad burned out on playing hot wheels, swimming, throwing frisbee's, and making pillow piles. I just felt like our days needed a little bit more structure to them, but not too much - I still want him to be a kid, and to not get burned out on school before he even starts! 

That's when I heard about God's Little Explorers from a friend. It's a homeschool preschool Bible-based curriculum created and designed by a mom. It's only $17 for the download, and I love it! She is creative and organized and crafty (none of which I am), so the work is already done for me. All I have to do is execute. And the activities are really fun

Today was our first day, and one of the activities required William to create "binoculars" and go on a "treasure hunt" outside to find certain items that I had hid. I gave him clues by marking the spots where the items were hidden with a red "X". 

He loves finding stuff, and got so excited and proud of himself when he would locate another red X around the yard. ;) 

One of the main things I enjoy about the curriculum is that it only takes us about an hour to get through. Lydia joins us for our Bible Story, songs, and prayer but then she goes down for her nap and William and I finish up the rest of the activities and crafts together. The last thing I wanted to do was plan a half-day of stuff for us to do and lose his attention 30 minutes in. This curriculum is great for keeping his attention, but also understands that toddlers only have so much attention to give certain things :) 

I'm really looking forward to having some extra fun with my sweet, silly boy this year! 

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  1. Ahh, Preschool already?! Its all going way way to fast, I remember when you were only pregnant with him and I had a new baby at home. Our son just started Kindergarten. I am a SAHM as well, so I have been doing all kinds of planning to make it easier on us (mainly me probably, if I'm honest). I kinda did what you are doing right now. Last school year I worked with him exclusively at home doing worksheets, learning numbers/letters/colors/shapes, writing, etc. He's been home with me all this time, so this is his first time being around lots of other kids and taking directions for someone other than Mom or Dad. He loves it! I think secretly my husband was preparing himself to cope with my crazy on the first day of school, thinking I would probably lose it when I had to let my baby go. Amazingly, I didn't lose it at all. I didn't even worry. I don't know why really, I think because he was so so excited to start school and it made me happy.

    I'm so glad you guys are having fun and learning together!


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