Thursday, September 10, 2015

Daddy's Taking Us to the Zoo Tomorrow...

Nathan had the morning off this week so we decided to treat the kids to a trip to the zoo. It's about 45-minutes away from our town, so we loaded up the car with plenty of snacks, the wagon, picnic lunches and two cuties who make any adventure fun. ;) 

This was our first trip to the zoo as a family of a four, and it was the perfect day to go - cloudy (but not rainy) and a high of 80 degrees. There was hardly anyone there, so we got to really explore and see all of the exhibits. 

The kids really enjoyed being able to pet the goats and brush their hair. :) 

Lydia kept saying "Go! Go!" for goat. And every time she petted one, so got all squealy and excited. 

The kangaroos were also a big hit - the kids enjoyed seeing them hop around and eat food...William even did a hopping demonstration for the 8-month old baby kangaroo ;) 

Nathan and I both really liked how the zoo was so interactive. There were so many animals the kids could touch and feed. The tortoises were Lydia's favorite - she got really bold and started chasing them around :)

There was also a whole "unseen world" indoor exhibit where they had fresh and saltwater tanks with lots of colorful fish, reptiles and insects. 

So thankful for these rare stolen moments away as a family to take a timeout on life and enjoy something fun and new. Next stop....the pumpkin patch!! :)

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  1. Lydia looks so grown-up in these pictures - such fun!


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