Friday, May 1, 2015

9/10/11 Months


I have an almost one year old. And an almost three year old. 

That might explain why I'm doing huge blog posts like this every....4 months....instead of moderately sized ones every few days like I used to. 

These kids keep me busy y'all. Life is keeping me busy lately. But a wonderful, happy, overflowing kind of busy that I just really love right now. There's just a lot of excitement buzzing around here as of opportunities, creative outlets, and really cool doors God is opening. It's actually very refreshing after a cold winter stuck indoors wiping poopy bottoms. Don't get me wrong...I love those cute bottoms. But momma was starting to get a bit stir crazy. I'm thankful for all the neat things God is doing and prayers He's answering for me/us lately. One day I hope to catch you up on all of it. But today, I'll switch the focus to our sweet girl. :) 

I hope Lydia doesn't stumble across this blog one day when she's older and ask why I have about 647 posts on her brother's first year of life, and only 8 posts about her. We're very diligent about taking photos and videos of her and capturing her life, but not so great about documenting on this here blog lately. That's my fault. And partly hers...she is the busiest little bee there ever was, and between her and her big brother, I am ON. THE. GO. all the time. 

William really spoiled us to a certain degree. He was a very cautious, observant, quiet, laid-back baby for the longest time. Lydia is miss independent, daredevil, always on the go, wants to be in the middle of the action, squealy little ham. ;) 

It is so neat to sit back and watch their differences. And it's hard to believe I can love two kids equally who are so polar opposite of each other. 

The past three months, Lydia has learned to crawl, pull up to standing, sprouted several new teeth, dropped a few nursing sessions, and started trialing some new foods she was previously allergic to. She has been sticking to her normal sleeping pattern...12 hours at night and 2 long naps per day. She loves to be outdoors, listen to music, be everywhere William is, eat, sleep, smile, and play dress up :) She doesn't like to sit still for books (or sit still at all really), when William has to potty (she's often crouched down peeking underneath the door...just waiting for him to hurry up and get done so she can play with him again), or anything on her feet. 

She has places to go and things to explore, and obstacles are something she has no concept of. She'll scale and climb and maneuver herself into all sorts of positions to get to where she wants to be. If we're outside, she'll crawl in mulch, dirt, gravel and any other surface to reach what she wants. She has no fear of getting dirty, or eating dirt, or crawling in dirt. I'm afraid prim and proper will need to be taught, because she has so far embraced living in the country and shows no signs of being a girly girl. ;) We are in for quite an adventure when she learns to walk (which I'm sure will be sooner rather than later). 

And lucky me, it just so happens that her mobility has taken off just as soon as William has decided to have a wild courageous streak. Most days I feel like I've conquered a lot if Lydia hasn't swallowed a rock and William hasn't destroyed something valuable. It really is a mad house around here most days. But would you call me crazy if I said I love it this way?? The past few months have shaped up to quite possibly be one of my favorite chapters in life. They are just plain fun. There are seasons where being a stay-at-home-mom is not glamorous and I really have to beg God to give me a renewed desire for this calling of motherhood. But this season my cup is running over. 

I love these silly kids, and my man who works so hard for me to stay home with them. 


  1. She is so big! I can't believe she is almost one. Love her red hair.

  2. Oh my word, I can't believe she's almost one! They are precious!


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