Sunday, February 15, 2015

7/8 Months

I've been pretty bad at keeping the blog updated lately. Life with two small kiddos is busy, fun, tiring, rewarding, and speeds by at a very fast pace. I feel like I blinked and my toddler is almost 3, and Lydia is mobile. 

The past two months with Lydia have been so fun. She has gotten so "vocal", and her personality is really starting to shine. It's so cute to watch her interact (somewhat) with William. They are definitely not playing together yet, but they do enjoy each other's company quite a bit during the day. I remember when William was a baby, I would do all of these things that I found online to entertain him...I printed off black/white contrast photos, made sensory bins, took him on baby "play dates" etc. I felt like a cruise ship director most days as I constantly entertained him. It has been nice adding a second child to the mix and not being so worried about her lack of entertainment...William is an endless source of entertainment for her! ;) 

7-8 months brought a lot of new development milestones for Miss Lydia. She started sitting unassisted, army crawling, and this week is up on all fours rocking back and forth and starting to figure out how to crawl that way. She also babbles a lot more...says "Da Da" and "Ma Ma" (mostly Da Da), smiles 98% of the day, and has dropped one of her naps. 

Over the past month, Lydia has decided to drop her cat nap before bed. Now she is officially on two naps/day - a morning nap around 9:30 and an afternoon nap around 2:00. Unfortunately, this means less "down time" for me as William's nap ends about an hour after I put Lydia down, but it's what works for her right now so we're rolling with it. She goes to bed around 7:00/7:30 and sleeps until 7:00/7:30 in the morning. 

The biggest change with sleep since our last update was dropping the swaddle. Lydia loved being swaddle (total opposite of her big brother), so we kept the swaddle until close to 8 months. Then she started rolling in it, so we were forced to move her out of it. We heard rave reviews about the Zipadee Zip so a friend let us borrow one to try and Lydia hated it :( Finally I broke out William's old fleece sleep sack and we just decided to go with it. It took her a good 2 weeks for her to get used to it, but now she's sleeping in it full-time and prefers to sleep on her belly. I love sneaking in and seeing her curled up on her belly snoozing :) 

Lydia's still nursing 4-5 times/day (every four hours mostly), and eating solids 3 times/day. We haven't started a lot of finger foods with her yet because she has a bad gag reflex so we're slowly working our way towards that by thickening some of her purees. 

We're also trying to find a sippy cup she will drink water from, but so far all she does is chew on the spouts/straws. Any recommendations for a sippy cup for a baby who has never taken a bottle/pacifier? 

Sitting, crawling, scooting, rolling, and getting into everything. I never really baby proofed the house when William started crawling...he just wasn't that curious about opening cabinets or getting into drawers until much later. But Lydia is Miss Adventurous - I have a feeling she's going to be our little dare devil ;) She loves taking all of the diapers out of the box, pulling all of the books off of the shelves, playing with the plastic bottles in the recycling, and has a radar up any time William leaves his snack bowl/sippy cup within her reach. 

Favorite Features
We absolutely love how happy our girl is. We lovingly call her our "joy baby" because she is always so content, so happy, and gives out 1,000 watt smiles all day long. She is quite an easy baby to mother and I'm so so thankful for her pleasant demeanor. 

Sweet girl - my prayer for you is that you never ever lose that magnetic smile and joyful spirit. And that one day, you learn that Jesus is the source of a joy that never ends. We are so proud to be your parents. (And your daddy is just plain crazy about you!). 


  1. LOVE seeing the update! She is such a little beauty. I laughed at your comment about the things you do to entertain your first, and not much with the second. The poor third kid gets nuthin!!

  2. She does have a 1000 watt smile! Love that pretty girl!


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