Saturday, November 29, 2014

6 Months

Our sweet girl just turned six months old this week! That's 1/2 year. She has suddenly, right before our very eyes, turned into an interactive, giggly, wiggly little lady and I find it really hard to believe. It seems like it was just yesterday I was pregnant with her and wondering what position she was in, wondering what color eyes she'd have and hoping beyond hope that she'd get her daddy's red hair gene (we're so happy she did!). And now she's already six months old

I remember with William around six weeks old, I wanted so desperately for him to be six months old already. When you're a first time mom, so many people give you lame advice like "it goes by so fast! cherish these days!" And I also remembered many of my mom friends saying that it would get better around the six month mark. Looking back, I really wished his newborn days was very hard, I found myself in a new role as a stay-at-home mom which was rather lonely, I also had a harder time recovering from his birth and we had a lot of feeding issues. 

But now I'm here. With my second babe. And I can say with assurance that it really does go by fast. And you really should cherish the days. If you're a first time mom, it's hard to see that through the foggy new lenses of motherhood - you're not used to getting so little sleep, so little time for yourself, having someone else depend on you so much, and you feel insecure most of the time; wondering if the method you're using (or not using) is going to totally screw your kid up.

Sure, I still fight feelings of insecurity in my mothering, but the one important thing I learned the second time around was to slow down and embrace the baby phase. For all that it is. The sleepless nights, the difficult napping days, the clinginess, every first milestone, and every single moment my baby needs me to do something for her. Because one day (not too far from now), she'll be 2.5 years old and she'll be telling me what her big brother tells me right now - "me do it" - and it will be the start of her needing me less and less. 

Enough of the sap. ;) Here's some more updates from Lydia's sixth month.

Still sleeping through the night from 7:30p-7:30a. She was off a few days when we were to NY on vacation to visit my family, but she bounced right back once home. 

Naps have also been getting more consistent. She has been pretty regularly taking a good long morning nap starting around 9:15a and then she takes another longer nap in the afternoon starting around 1:30p. She still need a little cat nap in the early evening before bed, but it's getting shorter and shorter. Right now, it's about 30 mins. 

We started solids with Lydia this month. Since she has some known food allergies we're going slowly. We introduced squash and had mixed results, so we stopped that and started sweet potato. It has been a success so far, and she really likes it! Next week we'll try avocado. She is such a pro at didn't take her any time at all to realize how to swallow the food off of the spoon, and she has even wanted to take charge and grab the spoon from us! :) 

She's still nursing 4-5 times per day, and has also started wanting a little snack nursing before her naps. I'm expecting these to taper off once she's well established on solids, so right now the extra feeds don't bother me. 

This month, Lydia learned how to roll from belly to back. She has only done it three times so is definitely more of a challenge for her than going from back to belly...but if she works really hard she can do it! Oftentimes, when she rolls to her belly and stays there for a while she'll start fussing and William will run over and flip her back over. She's at a disadvantage for learning the skill on her own since big brother is so helpful ;) 

Favorite Features
This month we've noticed Lydia is getting more vocal. When we were visiting my parents in NY, we went to their church and Lydia stayed with us during the singing. When the congregation started to sing "Amazing Grace" Lydia cooed and "aaahhh'd" through the entire song. She also makes lots of noise in the car now, and we love to hear her sweet voice!

Life with Big Brother
This month I've noticed William is really more aware of Lydia and starting to become quite the little protector. He still very much needs to be reminded to be gentle around her, but many times a day he asks "Where's baby?" or if it's time for Lydia to take a nap, he will say "No! Baby not take a nap!" because he wants her to stay up with him. ;) He's also very sweet to give her some of his smaller toys to play with, and he shares with ease (I'm hoping this continues as she gets older and more mobile!)

Our annual trip to the Christmas tree farm - so thankful for our growing family! 

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