Thursday, September 11, 2014

Three Months

Figured I'd better post Lydia's three month update before she turns four months! Better late than never, right? ;) 

One thing I've learned since adding another little one to our family is that things like this blog, and other "nonessentials" easily go to the wayside. Although some days I desperately miss the given three hour timeslot that I used to affectionately call my "me time" (aka William's nap time), I do so love spending part of William's nap time with my sweet Lydia girl. I arranged the kids' schedules so that William gets lots of one-on-one time with me in the morning during Lydia's longer naps and Lydia gets lots of one-on-one time with me during part of William's nap time. Then, in the early evening hours we're all together as a family of four when Daddy gets home from work. Right now, this is what works for our family and I have to say...things are really settling in around here. In fact, most days, I can't even remember what it was like to have only one child in the house. 

Here's a few updates from Lydia's third month...

Lydia is still doing great at night. Total, she's slept through the night 3 times but it hasn't happened in a few weeks now. She still only gets up once, so I really can't/shouldn't complain, but there's always that glorious feeling when your baby sleeps through the night the very first time. You think, "This is it! No looking back! A full nights rest from here on out!" When really, experience has taught me that sleeping through the night is a total spiral progress...or at least it was for William and it seems to be the case with Lydia too. The time of night she wakes to eat is all over the board...some nights she sleeps from her bed time feeding (7:30 PM) until 4-5 AM, and some nights she wants to eat earlier around 1-2 AM. This tells me one thing - her wakings are not habitual and they're legitimately due to hunger. So I definitely don't mind getting up with her in the middle of the night. She's also very efficient during the middle of the night, and goes right back to sleep afterwards. 

Naps have also gotten a bit more predictable lately. Her best nap of the day is definitely her first morning nap (usually from 8:30-10:45). Then she usually takes another longer nap and two shorter naps. She's getting very close to dropping her cat nap before bed, which is always fun because that means she'll be joining us in the dining room while we eat dinner. 

I've officially reached what I like to call the "sweet spot" of nursing. She's still doing great nursing and we manage about 5 feeds per day, plus her middle of the night feed. She's nursing on average 15-20 mins (except at bed time and she likes to nurse longer then). At our last check in with the doctor, she weighed 14.5 lbs. Girlfriend likes to eat! I did get my first clogged duct this month which was no fun. It stuck around for about 48 hours, but thankfully it did not turn into mastitis. She still refuses bottles when we've offered them, and pacifiers, but she does seem very interested in her fingers lately. I'm excited for when we stop swaddling her for sleep...I'll be curious to see if she will be a thumb sucker! 

I'm still maintaining an MSPI diet (Milk Soy Protein Intolerance), and Lydia is doing SO much better. In fact, she's like a totally different baby from 6 weeks ago. I have been able to eat foods that contain soybean oil in them without her reacting, but I definitely have to stay away from all other soy and dairy products. It has been challenging, but I've become really astute at reading ingredient lists so it makes grocery shopping a bit easier. I'm also learning to love all of the dairy/soy free items available. 

Some of our favorite things this month are hearing Lydia almost giggle. We spend a good majority of her wake time trying desperately to get her to smile or laugh. Smiling comes naturally for her, but the giggling hasn't happened just yet. She'll inhale a big "squeak" and look as if she's just bursting to let a big belly laugh out, but I don't think she's quite figured out how yet ;) The biggest milestone this month has been the discovery of her hands. Lydia loves sucking on her fingers/fist or reaching out and grabbing toys. She also started kicking her legs more this month. I was trying to remember at what age we put William in his exersaucer because I have a feeling Lydia will really enjoy it too! 

Favorite Features:
I don't know where my children get their mile-long eyelashes but Lydia's are growing like weeds and are the prettiest little things. They curl up on the ends, and are light red. She's also got the prettiest blue eyes (for now). I hope they stay blue, but also know they might turn brown (William's were blue for about 9 months before turning brown). I also love watching her nurse. She curls up into this little ball next to me and just makes herself all cozy. When she's nursing, she also spreads her toes out and stretches them open and closed. It's so funny to watch her get so excited about eating :) 

Life with Big Brother:
I love seeing her "interact" with William. If he's in the room, her eyes are focused in on big brother and what he's doing, and she's smiling ear to ear. It's so sweet to see her admire him already. William is also very cute with her...he will say things like "She spits up!" and run and grab a burp cloth for me. Or he'll say "baby cryin! feed milk!" which totally cracks me up. 

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