Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Four Months

How are we possibly celebrating four months with our sweet Lydia already!??! Time has flown by wayyy too fast with this girl and we are loving every day with her. 

I cannot believe this always-smiling, always-content, happy, alert, and basically overall angel baby is the same one we brought home four months ago! Lydia and I had a rough start in the beginning as we worked through lots of troubleshooting to pinpoint the cause of her fussiness, tummy trouble and general discomfort. She never wanted to be put down (esp. on her back), cried inconsolably most of the day, and was always scrunching her legs up to her chest and arching her back in pain. Now I can hardly hold her because she squirms so much wanting to get down and kick those chubby legs and flail her arms and play. She is doing so much better! Praise the Lord for giving me discernment, wisdom and perseverance during these last four months as we worked tirelessly with doctors and pharmacists to get her feeling better. 

Some other fun facts from four months:

We've pretty much got Lydia on three naps/day now. If she wakes up from her third nap too early she more than likely won't take a fourth nap so we just do an earlier bed time on those nights or else she gets fussy and tired before her regular bed time. Surprisingly, she doesn't wake any earlier in the night/morning to eat so I guess her body just needs the extra sleep. 

She averages anywhere from 6-9 hours at night before she wakes to eat, and then she nurses and goes right back down for another 3-6 hours. Our goal is for her to sleep 11-12 hours straight through without waking, and so far she's done it four times. Hopefully this continues to progress as she gets a little older!

At night time, she sleeps in her crib (with the mattress inclined), and she takes all of her naps in the Fisher Price Rock and Play (a lifesaver for any parent of a child with reflux!), although she is starting to outgrow it so we'll likely transition her to the crib for naps later this month. If we're out and about and nap time gets delayed, I just put her in the swing once we get home and she loves taking naps in that too. We purchased the Fisher Price Snuggabunny Swing and it has been a great purchase!

She is still swaddled but is becoming more and more interested in her fingers lately. I'm hoping once we start working with her on crib naps we can also work with her on unswaddling and maybe she will self soothe with her thumb. (she still gags with any pacifier we offer)

At her four month check up yesterday, Lydia weighed 16 lbs 1 oz which means she has doubled her birth weight. She's in the 95th percentile for weight and she is 25 inches long (85th percentile). Her head circumference was also large (85th percentile). 

She nurses 5 times during the day (every 3 - 3.5 hours) and still wakes once to nurse during the night. 

With William, we started solid foods at 4 months but since Lydia has some food allergies we have been instructed to wait until 6 months with her. I'm totally fine with this since her weight is good and I want to keep my milk supply strong. Once we start solids, it will be a very slow process because we don't want her to have an allergic reaction to anything. We'll totally skip cereals and go straight to fruits and veggies, waiting at least 1 week between new foods. We'll also be avoiding all dairy, soy and egg products with her until at least one year. 

Honestly, starting solid foods is a lot of work so I'm glad we're putting it off :) It might mean she doesn't sleep through the night as quickly as William did, but I'm OK with that. She's very fast during her night time feedings and always goes right back to sleep. 

Lydia is doing so many fun new things lately! She blows raspberries, squeals, laughs, and loves sitting in her Bumbo seat while we read books to her. We also dusted off William's old exersaucer and put her in it today for the first time - her little feet barely touch the bottom, but she had so much fun playing with the rattles. She's become much more interested in toys that light up/play music, so we've added a few of those to her play mat and she enjoys smiling at them. She also loves looking at herself in the mirror. (typical girl, I guess. ha!) 

Favorite Features:
We love Lydia's sweet voice! Her coo's, laughs, giggles, squeals, and sweet noises are such a delight to listen to. She has one of the sweetest little voices ever! 

Life with Big Brother:
We've had a few more instance this month where William is less than gentle with his sister, but I think those types of things will continue for a long time since they are so close in age. We never let his roughness with her go unnoticed and are quick to make him apologize and use "gentle hands." For the most part, he does really well with her and is still a great helper when it comes to grabbing burp cloths, diapers, a toy, blanket, etc for me. One evening, he wanted to read her a book so I snapped this sweet photo of the two of them together. He enjoyed showing her the animals and teaching her all of their sounds. ;) 

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  1. She is absolutely adorable! That smile melts my heart! I love the one of William reading to her, also.


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