Friday, August 15, 2014

Two Months

We're actually getting ready to celebrate 3 months of our sweet Lydia, so this post is a little belated. However, I really am trying to be intentional about documenting these updates (even if I'm a few weeks late!) because I love looking back on them and seeing how much my babies have grown. 

Where to start?!? Two months seems to have been our sweet spot. William seemed more settled into the idea of having "baby" around, I felt more and more like myself (and not some crazy hormonal, emotional, sleep deprived version of her), and Lydia seems to have picked up on a great little routine. 

Sleeping started getting better and better this month. Lydia has given us 2 nights where she has gone 11 hours from her bedtime feed (7:30) until an early morning feed. Most nights, she averages 6-8 hours from bedtime until her middle of the night feeding (some nights are shorter), but she always only wakes once to eat and then goes right back to sleep. I can't complain!

Napping during the day has also gotten better this month. Lydia usually takes 3 longer naps and 1 cat nap before bed. We retired our old Fisher Price Aquarium swing that William loved so much and we splurged on a new Fisher Price Snugabunny swing for Lydia. She loves it. She either naps in her swing, or in her Rock and Play (another splurge we bought after we realized she prefers sleeping at an incline). When William was little, I was so concerned with using the swing so much because I didn't want to create sleep "props", but when the second child comes along you learn to be much more flexible with where they sleep - all that matters is that they're sleeping! ;)  

Nursing is still going great! I am so happy we've made it almost three months with exclusively breast feeding. I'm not going to lie - we definitely had our challenges in the beginning. Everything from a tongue tie clip, cracked, sore and bleeding nipples, oversupply, reflux, MSPI, etc. We have pretty much dealt with it all! Fortunately, I have been working with a great Lactation Consultant and we visit with her once per week. She has been such a blessing! We are still working hard to pinpoint a few tummy issues Lydia is having, but I feel like we're on the right track. I'm currently on a no dairy, soy or egg diet to see if that helps and we're meeting with a new doctor Tuesday that I've heard great things about. I definitely couldn't have made it this far nursing without the amazing support of a local LC. And honestly, Lydia really seems to enjoy nursing so that makes it all worth it! 

It doesn't take much to get Lydia to start lighting up a room with her sweet smile. She is such a smiley little baby! This month she also learned to coo and seems very fascinated with her tongue. This month she also became more aware of her surroundings and gets easily distracted when we're nursing. :) Those pom-poms I hung above the glider in her nursery are a source of entertainment for her every time we sit down to nurse. She just looks up at them with such delight and smiles, coos, and "talks" to them as they spin around. 

Favorite Features:
Nathan and I frequently catch ourselves talking about how incredibly beautiful Lydia is. She's got her daddy's almond-shaped eyes and my eye color (for now), and her daddy's beautiful red hair and my button nose. And the rolls? They go on forever and I LOVE it. She's finally starting to get more wispy hair on top, but we have noticed the "bald" spot creeping in on the back of her head from sleeping on her back. This happened with William too at this age, and it's always so funny looking! I can't wait until she has a head full of red hair! How cute are red headed pigtails going to be?!?! 

Life with Big Brother:
William has definitely gotten more interested in "baby" (he has a hard time with L's, so instead of Lydia he still calls her baby). He asked to hold her for the first time this month, and he enjoys rocking her in her bouncy seat. He still has to be reminded on a daily basis to "be gentle" with her, but he's doing much better! Lydia smiles every time she hears him in the room, which I think is incredibly sweet. These two are going to be very good playmates this time next year! 

This particular day, I was taking photos of them with my cell phone and Lydia toppled over onto William. His response? "She's heavy!" ;) I couldn't stop laughing!

 Sweet girl - you've added so much joy to our home! You've made your mama realize how incredibly fast time flies and made me stop and soak up your smallness as much as I can. I am so thankful for you. Your sweet smiles light up our day!


  1. So glad you are chronicling this sweet girl's milestones - you will be glad you did some day! She is one adorable little girl and I'm not even prejudiced!

  2. She is so pretty in the picture you posted with the hair bow. I can see why you say she is
    beautiful. She could be the Gerber baby.



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