Sunday, July 27, 2014

2 Years

Although William has been 2-years-old for one month now, I couldn't let another week go by without sitting down and documenting some tidbits from his party and some facts about this fun stage I don't want to forget. 

Since we weren't sure when Lydia would arrive, Nathan and I planned to spend William's actual birthday as a family of four and keep it low-key, and then have a party with family/friends in mid-July after we'd settled in some. 

For some reason, William is obsessed with the Cracker Barrel billboards on the interstate and points them out to us when we drive anywhere. He emphatically yells "Cracker Buckle!!!!!" whenever he sees one. He had been doing this for months before his birthday, and we're not really sure why...he's maybe eaten at Cracker Barrel one time? When it got close to his birthday, Nathan and I decided what better way to celebrate than to take our sweet boy to the Cracker "Buckle" and let him have his pick from the menu. 

In true toddler fashion, William was quite the pill on his 2nd birthday - and even kicked and screamed his way into the car seat (even though we kept telling him "We're going to eat at Cracker Buckle. Yea!!"). But once we got there, he really enjoyed himself. He liked seeing all the signs hanging on the walls, the deer head above the fireplace, and of course shopping in the Cracker Barrel store. 

He was too busy coloring to smile for the camera ;)

After our lunch, we came home and surprised William with a blue cupcake. He knew exactly what to do!

I'd say he enjoyed himself ;)

He also got to open a few gifts, just from Mommy and Daddy

For his birthday party, we decided to host it at the nearby park. I knew William would love having his party outdoors, but in all honesty I planned it this way because I knew I wouldn't want to clean my house from top to bottom 7 weeks after having a baby. ;) 

We invited our Alabama family, our Nashville family, and one of William's BFF's. It was very low-key, and so nice to see so many people come out to celebrate William's birthday.

Lydia got to meet her Great Grandpa, Great Grandma, and Great Aunt

William was so cute and specific about his party details - he requested sandwiches, pretzels, fruit and cake. But not just ANY cake - he specifically requested vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting and orange stars. It must have been a good choice because all of his party-attendees raved about it. ;)

And now for the gushy stuff...

I really can't believe I'm even writing this post. It seems like just a few months ago we celebrated his first birthday. I have never seen a whole year fly by faster than it just did. I guess our move had something to do with it? Or my being pregnant? Who knows. But I hope they all don't go that quick. 

It also blows my mind to think that William just learned to walk a mere 8 months ago, and now he's running, skipping, saying 5-word sentences and planning his birthday party menu! I've so enjoyed watching his mind expand and seeing him go from a baby to a full blown toddler, but this phase also brings with it his strong will to be independent. It's bittersweet, but he's needing us less and less. 

I'm very proud of how brave he's become, how very rough and tough pure boy he is, how he likes to entertain his sister, how he longs to be by daddy's side every second, and how genuinely sweet he is to pray for his friends and family members each night, tell us he loves us, and say "I'm sorry" when he's done wrong. There's a big heart inside this little boy, and I'm so thankful that God blessed Nathan and I with the opportunity to help shape and mold him. We couldn't be more proud of you, William! We love you!


  1. I can't believe he's already 2 - I always think he's so much younger than Lila. Wish we could've made it to the party. It looked like fun!

  2. I can't believe he's 2! Time flies too fast. Thanks for the update.


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