Sunday, June 29, 2014

One Month In...

I can hardly believe a month has passed since we brought our sweet Lydia home from the hospital. It is so true what they say about the 2nd child - everything goes by so much faster. I feel like the days have flown by, and I'm scrambling to soak up every minute of her newborn days before they vanish right before me!

Our first month has been a total adjustment period as we've juggled two kiddos. I've had to learn to relax, be flexible, and sometimes as bad as it sounds, let someone cry. That might be William, Lydia, both...or as proven last week, it might be that I lock myself in the bathroom and do some crying. Not to scare anyone away from having a 2nd child, but I guess I didn't prepare myself for how much everyone would need me. Nursing is definitely a full time job, and as any mother of a toddler knows - that job is one that is busy, testing, and always ON. Juggling William's schedule and Lydia's nursing routine leaves me with about 1 hour during my days where both are asleep and I can have some "me time". This time around, I've wised up and started using that as nap time for myself ;) This means that the house is often left messy, the dishes dirty in the sink, and clothes in piles, but it also means Mama gets some rest before the afternoon/witching hour/bedtime routine kicks into high gear! 

Another thing I've learned this first month is that as a parent of one child, you think you have it all figured out and then comes along a second child who is the absolute complete opposite - it sends you for a loop! :) Where William loved the swing and would sleep in his car seat just about anywhere for the first 4 months, Lydia hates the swing and refuses to sleep more than 10 minutes in her car seat. It has been interesting learning this sweet girl and what her needs are. Although it has its challenges, it's also kind of fun that the kids aren't a carbon copy of one another...I can't wait to see how their unique personalities grow and develop. What a blessing it is that I get to be a bystander in all of it! 

Now that Lydia is one month old, she's finally coming out of the newborn sleepy phase, and it is so sweet to see her so alert, smiley and curious about this great big world around her. She smiles every time one of us talks to her, and any time she hears William's voice. :) She's also proven to be a pretty decent sleeper at night. We've gotten 2 nights where she's gone 5 hours in between nursing sessions (although most nights it's about 4 hours), so I'm hopeful that this will stretch out soon. And so far (keeping my fingers crossed), her witching hour isn't nearly as painful as William's was at this age. She usually has a difficult time between 5:00-7:00 PM, but then once she's been fed around 7:30 she is down for the night. I'm hoping this continues! 

Sweet Lydia - it has been so fun adding you to this crazy mix we call a family. Although he's rough, tough and loud, I know William is crazy about you (despite the few times you've gotten a toy chucked at your head). Your daddy is mesmerized by your smile and your bright blue eyes, and well, your mama just can't get enough of you! Keep growing, smiling, and adding that extra bit of girly sass to our home - we love you, pretty girl!  


  1. She is so beautiful, congrats! Yes, adding another one to the mix is tough, but soon enough everyone will fall into a routine. And just so you know, adding a third is a breeze, lol!

  2. Love all the pictures with her eyes wide open. What a sweetheart. Happy one month.


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