Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Recap

Last year, Easter was pretty simple as far as the kiddo activities were concerned. William was about 10 months old, not walking and we were smack in the middle of selling our home and packing. 

This year, however, he had lots of fun opening his Easter basket, finding Easter eggs, and joining us in the "big service" as church (he lasted through the music and 5 minutes into the sermon before we had to leave because he kept yelling things like "Light!"). ;)

Here are some sweet photos of our fun-filled weekend.

On Saturday, our church hosted an egg hunt and William was thoroughly confused. He would gently pick up 1 egg at a time, shake it, open it, and pop the chocolate (with the wrapper) inside his mouth. 

It took us roughly 30 minutes to collect about 5 eggs ;)

Sunday morning, he was elated to find his basket filled with goodies - a carrot sippy cup I swiped from the Clearance section at Target, some fruit snacks, bubbles, new socks, etc.

After church, we were able to snag 1 good photo of the three four of us

Nana and Papa came over to join in on the Easter fun!

And by the time he had his 2nd egg hunt for the weekend, William was a professional! This time he knew exactly what to do and gathered up the eggs quickly. 

He insisted on eating only the fruit snacks that were hidden inside. We also put some crackers in some of the eggs, but he would bring them over to us and open more eggs until he found more fruit snacks :)

And the Easter fun hasn't stopped! On Tuesday, Nathan watched William for me while I went to my midwife appointment and he said William wanted to hunt more eggs. Since it was a little rainy out, they ended up doing 6 egg hunts inside the house. Daddy's a softy ;)

We were so blessed to spend this Easter with family, good weather, our lovely church family and our sweet boy! 


  1. Hi Rachel! Congrats on your family and new baby. I just randomly came across your blog, but I met you at the FCM pedi night right before you moved!

  2. Thanks for hosting - it was so fun!


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