Monday, March 24, 2014

Morning Busyness

I have heard from several mommy friends that 18-21 months can be, challenging

Apparently, there's a big "developmental leap" during this time where toddler's are testing boundaries, understanding more language but not necessarily able to communicate back yet, there can be sleeping disruptions and of course teething, illness, or any other surprises can add to the craziness that is the 18-21 month "leap".  

Our sweet boy is no exception, and the past few months have been met with lots of frustrating days. I know everyone says "stay consistent and it will pay off" but when your toddler is throwing (what feels like) his 4,593,814 tantrum, sometimes you really do just want to give in. To plop them in front of a TV with some crazy cartoons, feed them cookies and go lock yourself in a closet with some dark chocolate and a People magazine. I've never actually done that, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to sometimes. ;)

Now that we're finally entering 21 months, I'm actually starting to see the light at the end of the long tunnel. Our consistency has paid off the past few months (even when I felt like it wasn't), and the things William has learned during this big "leap" blow. my. mind. 

He's all the sudden excited about coloring, has an imagination and plays pretend, says "yes" (for about 5 months everything was "no!"), voluntarily gives hugs and kisses, and is starting to put two words together (and they're such sweet words like: "My Mommy" or "I happy" or "More, Please"). He also is starting to recognize "landmarks" that we visit consistently. For example, when we pull into the library he yells "Book!" or when we drive past the park he says "Play!" or (and this is my favorite) when we pull into our driveway, he says "Home!" 

He also answers "One!" when you ask him how old he is, and says a funny-sounding version of "William" when asked what his name is. He's just about able to identify every single picture in any of his books, loves to play outside in the "Wees" (aka Woods) and enjoys helping us with yard work as he uses his "Shubble" (aka Shovel).

Although the past few months have been trying, I weirdly always get excited when these big developmental leaps are coming. I know they'll be met with lots of sleep disruptions and tantrums because his little brain is working in overdrive, but I also try to remind myself that the outcome is an increase in knowledge and independence. It has been a joy to parent William and watch him learn all these new exciting things. Every day, we see more qualities in him that we love that are so uniquely his own. 

I'm certain he's going to be a wonderful big brother to our sweet girl, and I'm so excited that she is blessed with him. We love you, our sweet, busy, smart, adventurous-yet-cautious, boy!


  1. What a sweet smart boy! This winter - I've resorted to television more than I would prefer, but I blame this blasted cold.

    I love reading about all his milestones. They are so hard but also so darn fun. I love it when Henry says or does something new.

  2. I see your diligence paying off - he continues to learn and grow to be the sweet, smart boy he is! I enjoy every minute with him.


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