Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hello, Third Trimester!

Chirp. Chirp. 

Is anyone still out there? 

I've really neglected this space lately, and I do apologize. We're all doing fine except that I've been bitten by the nesting bug and am driving Nathan crazy with all the things I want to get done before Baby Girl's arrival. 

This week, we're putting the finishing touches in her room, we've planted 25 trees in our front yard (and plan to plant 25 more tomorrow night), we've gone for 2-mile hikes, finished The Bachelor season, had an energy audit done on our home, I sewed a Layette Gown for baby, Nathan got a new job, and William cut 2 new teeth and battled a cold. 

And surprisingly, I'm still full of energy and it's only Wednesday! :) 

I attribute this crazy behavior to the fact that for the first (and halfway through the second) trimester, I was a complete blob and took 2 hour naps each day and slept 11 hours each night. Thank goodness for third trimester energy! 

Disclaimer - William was in rare form on our picture day but we'd already gotten ready to take it so I was adamant. Toddler's don't really understand that concept, so we just went with it! This is real life, people. The 2's are upon us! 

How Far Along:  29 weeks (I was late getting the photo up!)

Size of baby:  
According to babycenter, close to 3 pounds by now.

Total Weight Gain/Lossup 20 lbs so far 

Maternity Clothes: 
wearing them all the time - and lately my favorite maternity piece has been my striped maxi skirt from Old Navy. That thing is comfortable

Gender: girl! 

Movement: still wiggling and pushing out like crazy. At my last visit, baby girl was transverse (which my midwife says is totally normal because babies usually wait until 32+ weeks to "get into position"). I'm just praying so hard that she'll wiggle to head first and I can have a successful and healthy VBAC. 

I was having some tightness in my psoas muscle for a few weeks which caused a lot of discomfort (especially when I woke up in the morning), but I've adjusted how I'm sleeping and doing lots of psoas stretches before bed now. This week has been the best sleep I've had in a while. 

What I miss: 
warm weather ;)

What I’m looking forward to: hanging the finishing pieces in baby girl's room and looking forward to my midwife appointment next week 

I saw a post on FB this week and a friend visited the infamous Hattie B's Hot Chicken in Nashville. I've been craving it ever since, and I don't really know why - I've never even eaten there! But the thought of spicy fried chicken and cobbler sounds quite appetizing. 

Aversions: none

 other than some mild outbursts of pregnancy hormones this week, I'm feeling good! ;)

Belly Button In or Out: flat

Best Moment This Week: 
 taking a 2-mile walk with my boys...Nathan had the day off and it was so warm out and we decided to talk a walk on our local greenway. It was the perfect little outing. 

Weekly Wisdom: Isaiah 43:16-21 has been a comfort to me lately as I try not to worry about the outcome of childbirth: “Forget about what’s happened; don’t keep going over old history.Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new."

Milestones: 3rd trimester! :)


  1. I like the Weekly Wisdom section! Glad you are doing well : )

  2. You're getting closer! I've gained a niece and a nephew in the last 12 days so I'm super excited for you!

  3. Eeeee... you look so awesome and Im thrilled that you have so much energy. Send me some?

    Also, I had to crack up at William in this photo. Henry has hit this stage, too. Sometimes, they just aren't happy. Nothing you can do. But laugh.

  4. You guys are so cute!! And, I LOVE the verse from Isaiah -- a favorite of mine.

  5. That is so cute, I would of never thought of that. I am definitely making me one or maybe a few! Lol


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