Tuesday, March 4, 2014

20-something weeks

Now that my second trimester is coming to a close, I thought it was time to do another baby bump update. I've been just awful about being diligent with these this time around, but I have taken photos at the big "milestones" so at least there's that. ;) 

This week's update doesn't have a staged photo with it - just a few selfies since my "photographer" has been realllly busy lately. I'm hoping we can snag a photo next week once I'm officially in my third trimester to capture the joy on my face. It's not that I haven't enjoyed being pregnant this time around, but I'm just ready to bend over, stoop down, play horsey with my sweet boy and walk without losing my breath. It's definitely a lot more physically challenging to be pregnant with a toddler than to be pregnant and sitting at a desk job all week. 

Enough with my complaining though...on to the update!

25 weeks

And this was a 27-week photo I took this week to send to my mom in NY, proving to her that I'm not joking when I say "I'm HUGE!!" Can you tell sweet girl prefers sitting right out front? 

How Far Along:  27 weeks

Size of baby:  
Big. According to my midwife, I'm measuring 1 week ahead and at each ultrasound baby girl has been steadily packing on the pounds. One week our midwife even used the word "whopping" to refer to baby girl's size. (I'm starting to think I might be crazy for attempting a VBAC now - ha!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: up 20 pounds so far. 

Maternity Clothes: 
I'm in them full-time now. 

Gender: girl! 

Movement: According to BabyCenter, she should be having "sleep" and "awake" moments now, but I don't think that applies to her. She moves all. the. time. And even when I'm sleeping and can't feel her move, Nathan says he can sometimes feel her kicking him. 

Still sleeping great!

What I miss: 
Bending, stooping, rolling around in the floor with William and sleeping on my belly. 

What I’m looking forward to: We've got the artwork printed off for her room, and are waiting on mats to arrive at JoAnn's before we can frame them and get them up. I'm so excited about putting the finishing touches on her room!

Last week I was craving broccoli with spinach dip and green smoothies, this week I'm craving Captain Crunch "Crunch Berries" cereal and coffee. It has been really varied and odd lately. :)

Aversions: none

 this week I've been feeling really low on energy, so I've been taking some power naps in the afternoon for part of William's nap time. It has at least helped me make it to bedtime without being Mrs. Grumpy Pants and given me the energy I need to keep up with our busy boy in the afternoon.

Belly Button In or Out: flat

Best Moment This Week: 
 We've been taking lots of videos of William lately doing all these new things. It's almost like his personality kind of exploded this weekend and he's doing so many new things that are making us scratch our heads and say, "Where did he learn that?" I know we're entering "terrible two" territory, but so far he has been a hilarious mix of fun and sweetness lately and it has been a joy to sit back and watch him this week. 

Weekly Wisdom: Note to self: even though you may be busy wrangling a toddler, do a final wardrobe check before leaving your house. I totally showed up to a girlfriends house last week with a shirt on that was apparently too short because as I entered her house, I felt a breeze and realized half of my pregnant belly was hanging out for all to see. Yikes.

Milestones: Passing my glucose screen, and getting good news on my lab reports - all is healthy and well going into the final trimester!


  1. Captain Crunch Crunch Berries! I forgot about that cereal, yum yum! To go back in time.... I'm glad you and baby girl are healthy! You look cute as a button :)

  2. You are getting closer! You look great but she really is hanging out right there in the front!

  3. You are seriously adorable - love that jean jacket.


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