Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Laundry Room Face Lift

Because we live in a ranch-style home, our laundry nook is on the main floor (it's actually more like the entryway to William's bathroom, right off from the hallway). 

Here's a visual (this was taken before we moved in):

You can't really tell by the photos, but it was painted a lovely shade of light peach by the previous owners. Not bad, but not my style. 

Once we moved our washer-dryer into the space, we kind of just left it as is until we could develop a plan to make it more organized and cheery. 

Last week, when Nathan had a random 3 days off we took the opportunity to break out our paint brushes and give this space a little face lift.

It's hard to tell without the flash, but the color is the same color we painted the guest bathroom - Cornmeal by Olympic, which I think is a very "Look! Laundry can be fun!" color if I do say so myself. ;)

Here's a better representation of the color with the flash on:

Nathan hung some shelves for me to help with the organization. On the washer side, the shelf is great for storing our soaps and an extra laundry basket. I also hung a washboard I found at an antique shop a while back.

And on the dryer side, the shelf has a little bar on the bottom that will be great for hanging up clothes. 

He also used some Command hooks so that I could organize my broom and dust pan (the mop is a bit heavy so we just left that propped in the corner). 

We still have to do some work on the lighting (notice the realllllly long pull chain on the washer side? It's actually a shoe string. Classy!). We definitely want to install a proper light fixture there, and we're thinking of DIY'ing this light fixture for the main part of the nook. There's actually wiring already, but it just needs a light and switch to make it all work. And we're also contemplating ideas for concealing the whole laundry nook so that it's not such an in-your-face space when you're coming down the hallway (we're thinking curtains like this, or adding a door...but those will be long term projects for sure). 

Until then, I'm very happy with the space and so glad we finally checked this one off of our list!


  1. Girl, let me tell you, we've had our fair share of odd laundry room situations haha, so I definitely get it. :)

    It looks so much more functional now with the shelving. :) Great job! I'm going to steal that command hook idea too for the broom and dustpan.

    And the light fixture! How appropriate for a laundry area! Super cute! :) I can't wait to see how this project progresses!

  2. Yay! A fresh coat of paint always makes me happy too. You'll be walking by the room for weeks and it will make you smile. :) It's always nice to check something off the list too!

    I sure do miss chatting with you Rachel! I am sorry that I haven't checked in very often. I am hoping that I am back now and can check in on all the entries I've missed in my absence! I want to see what all you and Nathan have done to the house and see all the updates on little William! :)

  3. Yay! Nothing better than paint for a room transformation.


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