Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Family Goals

Happy New Year, friends!

On New Years Day, Nathan and I finalized our 2014 goals and I have to say this year is already shaping up to be a great one! Our goals include less house projects than in years past and more quality time doing things together as a family. We also have some personal things we'd like to accomplish, as well as dreams for a relaxing babymoon before baby #2 arrives. 

Let's get down to business!

House Projects:

  • Plant an organic vegetable/herb garden (we're hoping to use the Back to Eden approach for our home garden, and already have the tree clippings, free newspaper, compost pile and plot planned and mapped out). I'm so excited about this!
  • We're also exploring the idea of purchasing a few livestock animals (namely pigs and chickens). This is something we may do in the spring, but if we can't get their housing lined up in time then we've decided to wait another year. 
  • Paint the living room, hallway, William's bathroom, and laundry room. 

Family Goals:

  • Take William on his first camping trip. 
  • Enjoy more quality/down time as a family.
  • Pray together.
Marriage Goals:
  • Take a babymoon/early anniversary trip some place relaxing before the new baby arrives. 
Personal Goals:
  • I really want to focus on being more assertive this year. Saying "no" to some things in order to prioritize my time better, saying "yes" to some things I really want to do/feel led to do, and generally just speaking up more. By nature, I am a people-pleaser so this year I've resolved to do less people-pleasing and more me-pleasing so that at the end of my days I'm not left thinking "I should've said...I should've done...". This is going to be a tough one for me!
New Baby Goals:

We're introducing a new member to our family and that's definitely going to shake things up a bit around here (in a good way!). But we also know from past experience that those first few months of bringing a new baby home are tough. Not to mention this time around we have a toddler who requires lots of attention and is busy! In order to keep our sanity, here's a few things we'd like to do once the new baby arrives:
  • "Dates" with William - whether it's a little father/son bonding time at Lowe's or some mother/son time over a doughnut hole at Dunkin Donuts, I want to do small things to make William feel special once the new baby arrives. As the kids get older, I'd love to continue this tradition where we schedule some one-on-one time with each child. 
  • Soaking up the newborn stage - William is/has been on a schedule since he was 6 weeks old and our family definitely thrives better that way. But I've also learned that the beauty of having a schedule is that there are times to be flexible. I'd really like to be intentional this time around about pressing the pause button on the schedule sometimes and just soaking up that little baby phase. They are only tiny for so long! 
So how about you? What are your New Years Resolutions/Goals for 2014? We'd love to hear!

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  1. I love your goals! And I totally relate to your "saying no" goal. I wouldn't describe myself as a people pleaser, but I take on too much. And staying home almost made it worse. I mean, won't I have all this time to do things? Ha. That was funny.


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