Friday, December 13, 2013

Your Questions, Answered

Thank you so much for your kind words, congrats, and encouragement in our last post! So many sweet friendships have come as a result of this little blog space, and I'm so blessed by them. We are excited to share this journey with you (again)!

These are are a mix of questions I received in our last post, via email, and from our friends and family members...

Q: What room will be the nursery?
A: We're planning to put the baby in what we affectionately call "the storage room" - we're planning to work over the next few months on moving all of the boxes out of this room up to our attic/into the barn so that we can transition this room into a nursery. It's the room directly across from William's and is actually larger than his room, but we don't want to move his room and cause too much change for him (there will be enough already). 

Q: Will you move William to a big boy bed once you have the baby?
A: Nope. Not unless he's ready. And I doubt he'll be potty trained by then either. We want to be very sensitive to how much change we throw at William all at once, so we don't plan on introducing anything new to his routine that isn't already well-established before the baby arrives. We'll work towards goals like potty training and sleeping in a big boy bed (and getting rid of his paci for sleeping), but if we sense he's just not ready then we'll try again another time.

Q: How far apart in age will William and the new baby be?
A: 24 months. William's birthday is in late June so if this baby arrives sometime in June then they'll be exactly 2 years apart. 

Q: When did you find out you were pregnant?
A: I had a hunch at the end of September when Nathan and I sat down to eat some Cookies and Cream ice cream and I almost hurled after eating the first bite. (During my pregnancy with William I didn't want anything to do with sweets, so that was my first clue!) I took a pregnancy test the next morning and it was positive.

Q: Are you planning to document your pregnancy again? Will you use fruits/veggies like you did with your first pregnancy?
A: Yes, and no. We definitely want to document this pregnancy (it's just as important and exciting for us as the first), but we'll probably do something different this time around. I'd really love to incorporate William in the documenting process, and I have a few ideas already that I love (here and here). 

Q: Will you have another c-section? 
A: Lord willing, no. It took some research, calling around and investigative work to determine that if I wanted to attempt a VBAC in our small town (or neighboring towns) it was not likely to happen. So we're seeing a midwife group in the city (about 45 minutes away from home). It won't be a home birth (I'm not opposed to them, but since this is my first VBAC attempt I'd like to have medical professionals on standby if needed). The midwives have their own practice but deliver in the hospital, so in the event that an emergency c-section is needed then me and baby will be safe. 

Q: Are you hoping for another boy or a girl?
A: We're honestly happy with either! I would love for William to have a brother so close in age to him, and it would be awfully convenient if we had another boy (they'd share the same birthday month so all of William's baby gear would work for a baby brother), but I also would be elated if it was a girl too. My hunch (and Nathan's) is that this baby is a girl because of how completely different I've felt during this pregnancy and Nathan says I'm carrying "wider" than I was with William (his words - wink). We will find out the sex of the baby in early January, so we'll see if our predictions are correct! 

Q: How did you share the news with your families?
A: For Nathan's parents, we dressed William up in his "Big Brother" shirt and brought him to the kitchen table for dinner. They noticed he had changed shirts, read what it said, and immediately started congratulating us. For my parents, we told them the morning after they arrived for their Thanksgiving trip to stay with us. We had just finished eating breakfast and told them that we had some good news to share, and it was the perfect bit of excitement to kick-off their visit with us! 

Q: Did you have a lot of morning sickness early on with this pregnancy? Any food aversions or weird cravings so far?
A: I had lots of all-day sickness from about weeks 6-8. Basically it felt like I was constantly car sick. I also had lots of migraines from weeks 6-12 which really threw me for a loop. Thankfully, around week 13 all of my headaches stopped and now I'm feeling great! Once I got into my second trimester, I started craving sweets - doughnuts, cookies, peppermint anything, etc. I also craved eggs, deli subs, pickles, banana peppers,raw veggies and lots (and lots!) of fruit. My only food aversion so far has been grilled meats and beef burritos. Strangely enough, I can eat taco meat in a taco salad but not in a burrito form and I can eat chicken and beef any other way except grilled (I think it's the smell of grilled food that really bothers me most). 

Q: Do you have any names picked out yet?
A: We do have a girl name picked (it's the same name we had picked in the event that William was a girl), but we're still deciding on boy names. Once we know for sure what the sex of this baby is, we'll make a final decision and then share the news! 

Again, thank you so much for your excitement and well wishes. It truly means so much! We can't wait to take our little family of 3 and make it a bigger family of 4. :)

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