Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Family Goals - Recap

Since the start of our marriage, Nathan and I have made it a little New Year's Eve tradition to sit down and look back over our year. We talk about how we did in our marriage, what we'd like to do differently the coming year, our highs and lows from the year, and our plans-dreams for the New Year. The common theme when we wrap up our New Year's Eve celebration is that God is faithful. Again. This year was no exception. 

We made some goals in 2013, and as always I like to recap how we did with them. (Here's the original post.) 

Spiritual Goals:
  • Join SSMT to memorize 24 verses in 2013  - I failed miserably at this goal. I think I maybe memorized 3 verses? (ouch!). 
  • Participate in our church's Read 365 program again. - I did do this until we moved to TN and started attending a new church, so goal accomplished! :)
  • Make a conscious effort to sit down and pray together at least once a week. - We've really worked to keep this discipline up, although it's not happening every week (maybe every other week?), but it's something we really enjoy.

House Projects:
  • Special order, install, and paint hallway closet doors - DONE!
  • Paint basement - DONE!
  • Paint guest bedroom walls and trim - DONE!
  • Paint bathroom ceiling (we had some moisture issues in there this summer, and we need to repaint the ceiling) - DONE!
  • *Possibly switch out one of our kitchen cabinet doors (it got a pretty good ding in it during install so we may switch it out with a new door) - We ended up not doing this.
  • Oh and this wasn't a goal originally, but we did sell our house so that's why 100% of our house projects got completed in 2013 ;)


Personal Goals:
My #1 personal goal is to get back in shape. - I did really well getting all of my pregnancy weight off, maintaining it and keeping to a regular workout routine. All to get pregnant again! Ah, well. There's always 2014 ;)

I'll be back tomorrow with our new 2014 goals! I hope you and yours are having a wonderful New Year's Eve!

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  1. I love revisiting goals -- when the time flies by so quickly, it's nice to see tangibles. Happy 2014!


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