Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Morning Busyness

In an effort to slow down and notice more, I've been trying to be intentional and document some of the normal bits and pieces of my day as a SAHM. Taking more photos of the everyday-this-is-not-that-glamorous-but-it's-real-life moments that make up memories, laughs, cries, tantrums, play, and learning. 

This was one of those moments...

Now that our living room curtains are hung, each morning after William has his sippy of milk we "open the curtains" together. It's one of his most favorite "chores" to help me with, and inevitably when we open them the cows are feeding in the pasture across from our house. It's quite the serene picture first thing in the morning, and oftentimes we'll sit there together and "count" the cows, say "hi" to the cows, or just sit and point at the cows in silence. 

By the way - is there anything cuter than thermal pajamas on little toddler boys? Especially boys who have a big ole' cloth diaper booty waddling in the back? 
I don't think so. ;)

How is it that observing such a tiny person finding utmost joy in a simple thing - cows grazing - fills my heart to the brim? 

It's not just cows, it's in everything. He manages to find joy in the way a blanket feels sort of like a fort when we put it on top of his head. The way it feels to rip pages out of a magazine. The way it feels to squish banana bread in between his fingers. The sight of deer grazing in the back yard. The first time visiting a pet store and seeing tanks full of fish. Watching a ladybug who happened upon our kitchen floor one morning. 

I know a lot of people define this parenting thing as hard work, sacrifice, discipline, instruction, love. And it is all of that and much more. But can I just say it's also the most fun I've had in my life? This tiny person has taught me to slow down and I need that reminder more often than I think I do. When the two of us are together he opens my eyes to all things small and helps me find the amazement in the simple. I guess that's why some people say that kids are God's greatest gift...without them I guess we'd never re-visit the world with childlike wonder. 

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  1. This is spot on. Having a baby is so crazy and amazing. And it does make me take things in. And I truly just feel blessed every time I look at home.

    I really enjoy these posts.


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