Thursday, November 7, 2013

Adding Some Privacy...

I can hardly believe we've been in our new {to us} home for almost 5 months. They have totally flown by, and I'll be honest - this house is nowhere near the shape I wanted it to be 5 months in. But I'll also be extra, extra honest - I don't care. ;) 

For some reason, with this house, "projects" don't seem nearly as looming and time sensitive as they did in our first house. That's probably because we knew our first house was our starter home so we were sort of on a time crunch to get things done before we moved on to our next house. And now that we're in it, it feels right to just sit back and let the house breath a little. To let us get to know one another and make decisions with thought instead of haste. Or at least these are the things I tell myself when I look around 5 months later and realize there are still about 10 windows that need blinds and/or curtains. ;) 

And that brings me to this post!

Curtains are my most favorite way to add some character to a room. It just kind of puts that finishing touch on there...even more so than paint, I think. And our Living Room was desperate for some curtains. Not just because it needed to be finished, but because our Living Room has gigantic windows that have left us feeling a I know there's nothing across the street looking in except for a few cows, but it just feels good being able to close those curtains at night and know that we have a little bit more privacy.

Here's the last update I did on the Living Room:

We still needed to poly that coffee table, add curtains, add a few more decorative items and paint. 

And now we're a tad closer to having this room wrapped up!

I found these curtains in Pigeon Forge at the Kirkland's outlet and really liked the pattern.

They look a little orange-red in the photos, but the color is a true red so they match our little red chair perfectly! 

As you can tell, they need to be hemmed, but that's another project for another day ;)

Oh! And we also poly'd the coffee it's able to withstand lots of toddler toys being dumped on top :)

And we added a lamp (we had it in our first house, I just bought a new shade). I like the burlap shade with the brown's pretty casual but gives off some nice light at night when we have the curtains closed. 

And now it just needs to be painted! We're pretty crazy and like to paint last partly because 1.) it's not our most favorite thing to do 2.) we like to take a really looooong time to decide on paint colors. I typically like getting everything all set up in the room and THEN deciding what paint would look best as opposed to decorating AROUND a paint color (if that makes sense). It's just my crazy way of doing it ;) 

I'm so happy this room is inching closer and closer to being done! 


  1. The curtains do add a nice touch! I love them!

  2. This looks so good! The color is perfect and the pattern is so cool. Awesome addition!


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