Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Picking - Round 2

It's sort of a little family tradition in our house to go pumpkin picking each year. It's no secret fall is my most favorite time of year, so Nathan obliges and goes along with all of my crazy fall bucket lists. ;)

Last year, you may remember our littlest pumpkin didn't really want anything to do with our outing in the beginning. 

But thankfully, one year later and William is starting to love fall almost as much as his mama. Any time we're out and he sees a pumpkin he points and says "pu-pu" and he is loving all the fall decorations in the department stores, bank, grocery store, etc. A boy after my own heart!

Last weekend, we bundled up and took William to a local pumpkin farm where we rode a tractor, visited a petting zoo, picked our annual pumpkin and stopped for a few photos along the way. 

Here are some pictures from our fun afternoon!

As you can tell by all of the squinting, the sun was out in full force this day. It was chilly, sunny, and the perfect day for pumpkin picking.

This photo amazes me. We just set up the camera on the tripod on self timer, and would you believe William smiled directly at it? He obviously loved the petting zoo section (behind us) because it normally takes 3 people making goofy faces behind the lens to capture a smile that cute from our busy boy!

His favorite pumpkin of the bunch :)

We also swiped some corn stalks, and a bigger pumpkin for our front porch so now it's looking a lot more like fall on our porch!


  1. How cute!! Love the sweater set. We have said for the last two weeks we are going to take Zack to the pumpkin patch. Maybe this weekend? I hope William likes trick-or-treating tonight. Ours was last night (we are supposed to have bad storms all day and night today) and Zack HAD to walk to every house (we are a big boy we don't get carried Mom), held up his bag, and pointed into it showing them that is where to put the candy. It was Zack's first trick-or-treat and our youngest daughter's last trick-or-treat. Ooh . . . they grow up so fast, ENJOY IT!

  2. Seriously, he is SO CUTE. Oh my word, that little smile is KILLING me. Love the family picture - that's a framer, for sure!

  3. Oh my goodness! It has been too long since I came to visit your blog. How did he get so big?! William is so adorable. :) I love his costume and the pictures from the pumpkin patch are precious.


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