Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Morning Busyness

Days with a busy (pre)toddler can go by so fast sometimes. Not the actual hours (those go by slow), but the days and weeks seem to just flash by me and sometimes I find myself looking at William and wondering, "When did he learn that?!" "How did he get so big?" "Who came in and replaced my baby with a man-boy?" 

So, in an effort to slow down and notice more, I've been trying to be intentional and document some of the normal bits and pieces of our days. Taking more photos of the everyday-this-is-not-that-glamorous-but-it's-real-life moments that make up memories, laughs, cries, tantrums, play, and learning. 

This was one of those moments...

Each morning after breakfast, I clean William up and place him on the floor to play while I clean up our dirty dishes. And each morning, he wanders back over to his highchair and begins the diligent work of organizing the highchair straps. 

There is no real rhyme or reason to his organizational methods (or at least I haven't seen a pattern yet), but he is hard at work. Criss-crossing and over-under and up-down...he spends about 20 minutes in this position. 

And the way he positions himself? On those little tippy-toes and him in his over-sized bedtime tee-shirt? With that same serious look of determination I see in Nathan when he's working hard at something? My heart melts.

And then he catches a glimpse of me observing and starts jabbering away as if to tell me exactly what he's doing. 

And then his curiosity gets the best of him...I imagine he's thinking something like, "What is that thing mama is holding up to her face and why is she pointing it at me I wonder?!"

As he carefully makes his way over to check things out. 

With the ever-so-careful squat. My favorite! 

So close!

And even when they're blurry, those smiles are still the best part of my morning.  


  1. Sweet pictures! And such a great idea to document the typical days.
    "The days are long but the years are short." It's such a true statement, isn't it? Enjoy them. I know I am in our house.

  2. Aww, the baby squat! My favorite!

    Love this little moment. So much fun!

  3. What a sweet post - it's those little moments that stick in your mind (and heart) and make mothering so worthwhile! Glad you're documenting this. Thanks for posting.

  4. Lovely! What a fun morning :) You'll have to ask him when he's older how he organized those straps!


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