Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Rustic {fall} Entryway for $13

It has been looking a lot like fall in our casa since the end of August, but we recently added a few new touches to our entryway that I thought I'd share. 

We love having a shelf in the entryway for a place to drop off car keys, mail, and books that need returning to the library (here's a photo of the shelving we used in our last entryway...a bit more finished, dark and formal). 

In this house, we knew we wanted to go rustic, so we were elated when we found this cute little rustic handmade shelf at the Goodwill for $7. 

It even has working drawers so it's great for hiding stuff like the video camera (you never know when one 15-month-old might decide it's high time to get up and take his first steps), pens, keys, etc.

We also scooped up this old chippy window on our trip to Monteagle last month for $5. We bought it from a lady whose daughter swipes them from 100-year-old houses in Georgia, so we love that it has a back-story. At first, I really wanted a mirror here, but Nathan convinced me out of that idea and I have to say, I love the window instead. 

I crafted the fabric wreath myself at a recent MOPS event, and it was super easy to throw together. I like the shabby chicness of the wreath, window and shelf together.

And last but not least, my cute little wire-y pumpkin. I got him at a yard sale for a whopping $1. All told, our fall rustic entryway update cost us a total of $13. 

It still needs a new paint color in here (the light peach is not my thing), and I'm debating on what color to do. Any thoughts? I'd love to do a fun stencil on the wall, or a pop of bright color right when you walk in. 

Welcome, Fall! We hope you come in and stay a while! ;)


  1. Rachel, I love the window and wreath! Our house lacks a proper foyer, and I've been trying to figure out ways to add a table or something to create the feel of an entryway --- I'm loving the mounted surface on the wall. I may have to go this route! :)

  2. Very cute! Love the window and the wreath. I'm such a huge fan of old windows.

    Plus, this space looks super practical! Love the drawers.


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