Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Month Two: Making Progress and Plans

I can't believe this month marks month two in our new home. It honestly feels like we've been here six months already because of all the drama behind the scenes. I promise to be back with the details, but honestly I can't even believe it MYSELF sometimes when Nathan, a hired handyman or a professional comes to work on the house and starts their sentence with, "You might want to see this." 

Laying aside all the quirks and surprises that this house has yielded, we're actually starting to feel more at home here, and honestly? We love it. It feels so adventurous, so fun, and so promising to be settling in and making plans. 

I thought it might be fun to share some progress that we've made since the last time, as well as plans we have for each space. These plans are by no means set in stone - just some ideas we have...

Living Room (Progress) - We've hung some art, bought a few new (to us) pieces of furniture, changed out some pillows using this method, bought curtain rods (still need to hang them, along with some curtains), and decided on a paint color (we're going to go with Valspar's Silver Lining). 

Living Room (Plans)

  • Paint
  • Get one more antique-ish chair for the other side of the fireplace, and move the furniture closer together to create a cozy little seating arrangement that is conducive to conversation and board game playing ;) 
  • Get some fun, bright curtains hung (a jewel-toned yellow maybe?) 
  • Re-do our coffee table (something sort of like this)
  • Decorate the mantle, hang a few more pieces of smaller art in the corner where the oversized chair is

Weird little nook off from the living room is still looking . . . weird. And cluttered. ;) We have no clue what to do here!

Main Bath (Progress) - We hung some thrift store art above the toilet, and are currently deciding on paint colors. 

Main Bath (Plans)
  • Paint
  • Add some type of storage for towels, toilet paper, etc. 

Kitchen (Progress) - We've sanded and added wax to all the drawers so they don't stick anymore. We also purchased a large standing cabinet from Habitat ReStore that we plan to use as a pantry. Other than that, it's still looking very cluttered and unorganized (hoping the extra cabinetry will help with that!) 

Kitchen (Plans) - We plan to turn this little section of the kitchen into a breakfast nook (I'm envisioning something like this with the built-in benches that have some functional storage underneath, and a small pedestal table)

We also plan to sand, paint and install our pantry. 

For this little corner of the kitchen (before you actually go into the kitchen), I'm hoping to create a mini mudroom of sorts. This is what you see when you walk in from the outside backyard, so I'd like to paint and hang that rustic coat hook and get some sort of shoe storage for underneath it all. 

Dining Room (Progress) - This room is pretty sparse. We've basically just de-cluttered and hung some curtains (below). 

Dining Room (Plans) - 
  • Paint
  • Change lighting
  • Rip up carpet and add hardwood floors
  • DIY (or buy if it's cheaper) a large farm table like this and add some chairs. 
  • Get a hutch for more storage. 
  • Bring in some color. 

Guest Room (Progress) - We've de-cluttered, hung some art (below), added a dresser, and I've set up my sewing station. This room is also home to all of our stuff that we plan to sell on Craigslist, so that explains the extra "stuff" that doesn't exactly have a place. 

      Guest Room (Plans) - 
      • Add some window treatments
      William's Room (Progress) - Pardon the lack of natural light in these photos - blackout curtains are a must for this little fella's room! We've hung all of William's stuff on the wall (the Golden Book art above the bed, his bookshelves, the shelf above his changing table, and added some toy storage. 

      William's Room (Plans) - I may or may not paint this room. The tan is kind of nice, but I also loved the gray in his last room so we may paint this the same gray as the living room before it's all said and done. 

      Junk Room (Progress) - I know it doesn't look like it, but we actually did make some good progress in our "junk" room. Grouping boxes together by categories, and moving stuff to our "Sell on Craigslist/Donate/Throw Away" pile.

      Junk Room (Plans) - build a "floor" in the attic so that we can move 90% of this stuff up there, freeing this space to be William's (eventual) big boy room. 
        Laundry Room (Progress) - none

        Landry Room (Plans) - We plan to add some shelving above the washer and dryer for extra storage/space to hang clothes. We also plan to add some doors to shut this space off from the hallway. 

        William's Bathroom (Progress) - We've basically just cleaned this bathroom and added a new toilet. 

        William's Bathroom (Plans)

        • Paint (using Valspar's Silver Lining in this room again too)
        • Add a mirror
        • Hang shower curtain, window treatment (I actually have them already, just have to get them hung)
        • Decorate (thinking of doing something preppy-nautical-but-not-too-beachy)
        Master Room (Progress) - We've hung bamboo shades, curtains, some artwork above the mantle, doubled our closet space by adding an extra bar on the bottom, got new lamp shades (ours disappeared in the move), bought a new smaller dresser to help with clothes storage, and de-cluttered. 


        Master Room (Plans)
        • Paint
        • Give some of our laminate matching furniture a face-lift so that we don't feel like we're sleeping in a furniture showroom (maybe upholster our headboard like this? or paint our nightstands a fun color like this? get rid of our attached mirror and get something more funky? who knows!)
        There's also Nathan's "man cave" and the Master Bath, which are not pictured...their not looking too different from the last time but we do have plans in both rooms (mainly the bath). Just some small things like switching out the vanity and changing out the light fixture. 

        Then there's the outside, which is a whole different post in itself. Honestly, I'm most excited about the outdoor plans. I can't wait to plant a garden, buy some goats, make a trail in the woods, plant more flowers, add some shutters, and somehow...someway...figure out how to get rid of all this wrought iron! ;)

        One thing at a time!


        1. I'm amazed by all the progress you've made! I love the idea for some jewel curtains in the living room.

        2. Looks great so far! Can't wait to see the next set of changes!

        3. Your house looks great!

          1. You've made a lot of progress!
          2. I'm very jealous of the fireplace in your master bedroom, what a treat!
          3. That extra room off the living room may make a nice playroom, if it's in a central enough location for y'all.
          4. An attic is heaven! The house we just moved into has a 3rd floor walk-up attic and it's fabulous! I didn't think I had enough stuff for an attic, turns out, I do! :)

          Everything looks so great and I know you're loving all the little projects you have going on! It's so exciting and I can't wait to see what you get done in the next month.

        4. This is so exciting! And so much progress already. I love the idea of a breakfast nook. I've always wanted one, too, so ill be living vicariously through you.

        5. It's come a long way and looks like home already. Love, love, love all that you've done. Can't wait to see where it grows as you grow.


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