Monday, August 26, 2013

Menu Plan Monday + Week Recap

Happy Monday my friends! 

Last week, Nathan and I got to take advantage of some free babysitting by Nana and Grandpa while we stole away to Monteagle, TN for some hiking at Greeter Falls. I had read what a gorgeous spot it was from Kevin and Amanda, and it did not disappoint. We only went for the day, but I'd love to go back again and take a few days exploring that beautiful little slice of Tennessee. 

I imagine it's especially breathtaking in the fall when the leaves change color! 

This week, we're looking forward to some delicious eats. I've also got some freeze-ahead cooking planned for one little fella'. That's the easiest way I've found to ensure William eats a healthy, well-balanced diet...I basically just bake/cook whenever I have some free time and then freeze a lot of his meals. This makes it easy during the week! 

Monday - Chicken Fajita Pizza {new}

Tuesday - Grilled Chicken Leg Quarters (roll-over from last week), Rice, Veggies
  • William's menu: (b'fast) - French Toast Sticks (freezer), Fruit  
  • (lunch) - Turkey, Avocado, Cheese Cubes 

Wednesday - Grilled Ham Steak, Veggies, Mac and Cheese

Thursday - Penne w/ Chicken Thighs {new}, Side Salads
  • William's menu: (b'fast) - Cereal (Cheerios/Chex), Fruit
  • (lunch) - PBJ, Roasted Carrots (freezer)

Friday - Egg Salad Sandwiches, Fruit Smoothies 

Saturday - Leftovers
  • William's menu: (b'fast) - Pancakes, Fruit
  • (lunch) - Black Beans, Cheese Quesadilla, Apples

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  1. It looks like you had a good hike, will have to keep that area in mind for future. We are headed to Chattanooga for this weekend for some good hiking, biking, and relaxing. Can't wait!! It would be easier if the little guy was walking though, he is only 17 months old this week. Stands up and dances without holding on to anything, but won't walk. Argh! Is William walking yet? I make ham & cheese mini omelets for my gang, easy breakfast for school mornings. They love them. I'll have to try putting broccoli in them and see what they think. Especially, the one that doesn't like broccoli. Hehehe! Have a good Labor Day!

    1. That sounds like such fun Missy! I hope you enjoy your time in Chattanooga.

      William isn't walking yet either - just standing - and he still holds on to everything when he's up (he's a cautious fella). He's always been the type to do things at his own pace (and his pace tends to be a little more laid back - ha!), so I'm just enjoying a few more months of crawling! At least then I can catch up with him. ;) Once he starts walking it's over!

  2. Thanks for linking to us! My kids love those French Toast sticks too. Your pictures are GORGEOUS! :)

    1. Aww thanks Katie! I'm flattered you popped over and left a comment! :) William enjoys lots of yummy recipes from your site! Keep up the great work!

  3. Wow! I'll say it is gorgeous. What a nice place to hike.
    And your menu looks yummy. I love having muffins and things in the freezer to pull out and feed my toddler too. It makes things a lot easier.

    1. Yes it does! And the best part is, I leave the menu plan on the fridge so if Daddy is ever-so-inclined to get up with William in the morning he knows exactly what to fix for him! ;)

  4. What a great picture of the two of you! Looks like a gorgeous hike!

    I love the idea of a smoothie for breakfast. I think my Henry-man would love that!

  5. I'm so glad you got some time away, looks like a wonderful place to explore. What's the weather like? Still summer-like?


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