Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Coffee Table Re-do

Nathan and I have officially been bitten by the antiquing bug! It actually happened when we were living in New York, but we kept telling ourselves we wouldn't buy anything until we were moved and settled into our new home. 

As luck would have it, we moved to a town where antique shops are a' plenty, and we've been scoping out lots of rustic finds we'd love to add to our casa. The problem with antiques? They're expensive! And as you may well know, me and my man don't have expensive tastes. ;) So we're mostly those people who go antiquing and don't buy anything...we just look around and get inspiration or oooohh and aaaahhhh over all the cool stuff we would never pay full price for. 

So, after scouring Craigslist, yard sales and lots of antique shops for a cheap, rustic, large coffee table and coming up empty handed, we finally said: "Why not just roughen up our coffee table?" It's the perfect size, and we loved everything about it (not to mention it was free!). 

It had even taken some hits in the move and gained a few cool new scratches, so we just needed to help it along a little bit more ;)

Basically, we just plopped it under our carport and got to sanding using Nathan's new hand sander (best. thing. ever.). We started with a medium grit sandpaper but quickly realized we'd need something a little bit heavier to take all the cherry finish off. 

So we ran to Home Depot and swiped some 80-grit coarse and that's when we started seeing some major progress. 

Our goal was to sand it mostly down to the bare wood, but also leave some cherry finish peeking through so that it looked like something we pulled out of an antique shop. Something weathered, beaten, and able to withstand lots of toddler toys being thrown on top. ;)

 And we're really pleased with the outcome! 

We could hardly wait to get it inside and see how it looked with the rest of our furniture. It still needs a coat of clear finish in order to prevent scratching and water damage, so we'll probably add a coat of lacquer or two to finish things off. 

Oh! And we recently added this cute little rocker to our living room collection as well in an effort to bring some much needed color and cheer. (pardon the random paint on the back wall...that was back when we were deciding on paint colors). 

And of course I couldn't wait until September to put my fall decor out. :)

I'm really starting to like how this room is shaping up so far, and I love that we opted not to have a TV in the living room. We spend a lot of time together here as a family, and it's a perfect spot to play with William, talk on the couch, play board games, and just relax without the distraction of a TV. 


  1. Love how the coffee table looks! Very Restoration Hardware!

  2. You did a great job! Love your fireplace!

  3. Nice job! I love that our family room does not have a TV either... such a nice place to just be. Your place is so cute and I love that you put your fall decor out.

  4. You guys are amazing! I definitely need your help on my dining room table top. It's coming together so nicely!

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