Monday, July 8, 2013

Move-In Ready

House Update!

I'm a few weeks late on this one, but it's better late than never! I love adding these posts to the blog because 1.) Our far-away family and friends can see what's happening and 2.) I love digitally cataloging this stuff in the "Before" file so that when we're knee-deep in a house project that I feel like quitting on I can look back and see just how far we've come to give myself the swift kick in the rear to keep going. ;) 

So here we go! These photos are a mess, but it's real life and why polish up real life, ya know? 

Move-In Day: the actual moving stuff into the house part went relatively well. There were no injuries (to people, the house, or the stuff going into the house). And the only piece of furniture we couldn't fit in the house was the couch. We had some big muscles and kind hearts that day, and we are so so thankful for our family's help. 

Every room in the house sort of looked like this when it was all over with:

And yep - that's the gas grill inside the dining room. Funny story about that one...we weren't actually at the house the night that the Lowe's delivery people came to drop off our appliances and grill, so they just waltzed on in and set it all up for us (we accidentally left the door unlocked). We are definitely in the country! The funny part is when I called the next day they acted like it was no biggie...sort of like a, "Oh, well, we just made ourselves at home." 

And at the end of the day, it was pure bliss to see this: 

I shared in my last post how we had some "glitches" when we first moved in. Just some minor things like...the AC was broken, we had a major case of drain flies in the house which were brought about by a botched plumbing job, our patio flooded, and Chimney Swifts decided to start nesting in our bedroom fireplace. But no big deal. (note the sarcasm)

In all seriousness though, it was a huge eye opener for us. All of the things that were wrong when we moved in were major red flags that were totally missed by our home inspector (who came recommended through our realtor). We love, love loved our realtor but it just goes to show that you can't always trust a recommendation. In hindsight, we should've done the research ourselves, sought out a reputable inspector, and asked a million questions before, during and after the process. BUT, the good news is that since we weren't fully satisfied with our service we got our inspection costs refunded which did help a tiny bit to offset the cost of some of the repairs. 

Once we got some of those issues fixed, we were able to start setting up shop! It's definitely a LONG ways away from where we envision it, but we have plenty of time to get there!

Living Room

 Weird little space off from the living room (we have no idea what we'll do here!)

Front bathroom (this room is actually about 90% done! Just need a new paint color on the wall and some artwork.)

 Dining Room 

Kitchen (pardon the recycling on the floor...William likes to play with water bottles)
(can't wait to get rid of those peachy walls!)

Nathan's "man cave"/office/TV room

The Guest Bedroom
Master Bedroom 
(which was in disarray this particular day because we were working in the closet)

Clothes waiting to be hung in said closet :)

The one downside of owning an old home...teeniest little closets I ever did see.

Master Bath (the one room I don't need to paint!)

What we affectionately call the "junk room"

*Not Pictured: William's room (he was sleeping...I can't do anything when he's awake except chase him around). ;)

We have our work cut out for us here, but we're in no hurry. This is our place, and I can feel it in my bones. The one we'll plant roots in, raise our family in, and grow old together in. There's just something about this place that calls us to slow down, and we need that reminder a lot. 

So we've made it this little nightly tradition to watch the sun set on our front porch together. It usually happens when William's already deep asleep and it's just the two of us out there gazing out over that cow pasture and watching the sun dip off into the sky. And I forget all about the boxes that need unpacking, the dishes that need washing or the decorations that need to be hung. It's just me, my man, and the silence of country life. 


  1. what an amazing place to call home! So sorry to hear about all the mishaps on move-in day :(

    The grill in the dining room is quite a hoot, as is how the folks from Lowe's handled your appliances -- you are in the country!

    Love the shower curtain in the main bathroom!! And, the rooms are coming together nicely. That has to feel like a good place to start, right?!

    Welcome home, friend.

  2. The view is amazing! And the house looks awesome already! You've already done so much!

    I also had to laugh at your comment about the kiddo being asleep. We do a lot of chasing nowadays. I had to take pictures of the rental for Craigslist and it was me and Henry. I strapped him into the Ergo and went. I'm sure we were a real sight! Me snapping pictures with a one-year-old squirming on my back.

  3. I just found this one in my saved folder to comment on! Your new home is SO CUTE and you don't even have it all unpacked yet! Hope you are doing well!

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