Monday, July 29, 2013

Menu Plan Monday + Toddler Meal Plan

I am so excited it's almost August! Time to break out all things fall, get my pumpkin baking on, and start picking out William's Halloween costume. ;) And in honor of the upcoming season, I dug and dug this weekend until I finally found my Crock Pot! It was buried deep in a box that said "Old Notebooks" (probably one of those last minute packing things). It was like Christmas morning when I opened the lid, dug my hand around the tote and felt the shiny Crock Pot liner. And since I was chomping at the bit to use it, you better believe it's sitting on our countertop simmering tonight's dinner as I type this. 

Here's what we're having this week (along with William's breakfast and lunch menu including):

Monday - (roll over from last week since I now have my Crock Pot!) Crock Pot Pulled Pork, Corn on the Cob

Tuesday - Cobb Grilled Chicken Salads (new) with Garlic Bread
  • William's menu: (b'fast) - scrambled eggs, toast sticks, grapes
  • (lunch) - Peanut Butter and Jelly, Green Beans, fruit

Wednesday - Grilled Ham Steak, Steamed Veggies 
  • William's menu: (b'fast) - Banana Muffins, Turkey Sausage  
  • (lunch) - Gnocchi, Veggies, Apples

Thursday - Grilled Shrimp and Veggies with Rice
  • William's menu: (b'fast) - Yogurt, Fruit, Toast Sticks
  • (lunch) - Green Beans, Beets, Roasted Sweet Potato 

Friday - Leftovers
  • William's menu: (b'fast) - Ham and Cheese Omelette, Fruit
  • (lunch) - Grilled Chicken, Veggies, Apples


  1. How Sweet It Is is one of my favorite go-to blogs when I'm scrounging for a meal to put on our menu plan. Last night we had Easy Beer Mac & Cheese from Jessica's blog as a main dish, and tonight it's my side for Italian sausage. The pulled pork sounds delicious - I use Anne Burrell's recipe but it takes forever in the oven, or I use a root beer recipe I found on Pinterest.

  2. We made the blueberry pancake mini muffins last night, sooo yummy!!!


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