Tuesday, July 23, 2013

12 Months

I'm (almost) a month late on this, but I can't NOT document the last photo in our monthly series with our sweet boy, so here we go! I'm feeling a bit sad that this photo series has come to an end, and I haven't quite decided whether we'll continue it...I guess it will all depend on whether our busy boy will sit still long enough to cooperate. ;)

Some fun new facts about our growing guy:
  • Just when I thought we'd still be feeding William when he was six years old, a switch flipped when he turned one and he started feeding himself solid foods. This has been spiral progress since he was about 8 months old, with lots of regressions in between but he's now consistently doing it. I have picked up on which foods he does/doesn't like to feed himself so that has helped a lot in making meal time more pleasant. Anything slimy (turkey, banana, avocado, etc) he won't pick up and put in his mouth but everything else he's pretty good at. I'll take what I can get! ;) All of our bottles are officially packed away and he's a pro at the sippy cup now. We're still offering him a sippy of milk just before bed, but we're slowly weaning him down off of that. I'm waiting until his check-up with the doctor so I can see how his weight gain has been to determine if we're OK to drop it down some more, and hopefully we'll be off of the bedtime sippy within the next month or so (that's my goal, we'll see what William thinks about it. Ha!)
  • He went through a major "wonder week" (I'm a firm believer in them!) right after his first birthday, and ever since then we've seen him doing all sorts of new "talents." He's pulling up on everything, standing (still a little skeptical about sitting down once he's standing), taking assisted steps, and saying all sorts of new "words." He knows two animal sounds: "moo" and "baa", and he jibber-jabbers alllll day long. I have no clue what he's saying, but we can carry on quite the conversation. ;) 
  • He's affectionate, and I love it. Anytime we say "William, can I have a hug?" he opens his mouth wide and sucks on our cheek or nose while wrapping his arms around our neck. Melts my heart every time!
  • His favorite toys and things to do right now are: go to the wading pool at our local park, have picnics with mommy at the park while we people watch, play with his Fisher Price puppy, "read" books (he mostly just flips the pages and stares at the pictures), throw everything, play outside (he'd actually prefer it if we were outside all day, every day and often cries when we have to go inside). Our neighbors also got him a little tykes car, and he loves riding in it. 
"Little Man" - sometimes you seem like you're getting so big, but then I catch glimpses of you sleeping and you look so small. I love that you still have some remnants of baby-ness left in you! I love that you're brave, but cautious and that you have the silliest little personality mixed with a good bit of seriousness too. I love that you're such an observer...I can tell that's going to be a wonderful personality trait in you one day. I pray that God will sharpen that quality in you as you grow and that you'll be discerning, intuitive to others' needs, and caring. We love you so much!


  1. I'm so proud of you for being so diligent - this is so meaningful - especially when he has kids of his own. I think you should keep it going - it will be neat to look back on it. (Of course, I say that because I'm not writing it HA)

  2. Those hugs and kisses are to-die-for, right? Ugh. KILL ME.

    He is so handsome and sounds like a totally sweetheart. Loved following along with your monthly recaps.


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