Thursday, June 13, 2013

4 years

Hey! I'm blogging! :)

It was quite a temptation to let another day go by without blogging (it's become a habit of mine lately), but today's a special day worth documenting. Today, me and my man celebrate our 4th anniversary since we said 'I Do' in a small southern church one hot June Saturday. I've documented all 3 of our previous anniversaries on the blog, so I felt the nudge today to keep that up. 

It's not that our anniversary isn't special this year - it's quite the opposite. It's just we're slap busy this week with getting ready for our big move on Tuesday into our new house. But I'm setting aside my To-Do list and excuses for a chance to brag on my man and tell the world how much he means to me. [insert long, drawn-out 'awwwwwww' here]

My Love - 

Yesterday it was a simple moment. Me, you and our babe walking out of the Kroger after grocery shopping together. And it hit me - this profound sense of love for you. I watched you with our son and how tender you were with him. How fun you were. How careful you were. And then I saw how he looked up at you. It does something to my heart every time I see the two of you interact. But yesterday it took everything in me not to break out into the ugly cry right there in the Kroger parking lot. I just felt so full. So blessed. So rich. So in love with you and our life. 

Our lives have never been anything fancy...we might actually be the only 20-somethings in America (in your case, 30-something. GRIN.) who don't have smart phones, cable TV, or fancy careers with nice cars. You've always been a simple person, and I love that about you. You've taught me so much in 4 years about the blessings of living simply. Because of that, I'm able to stay home with William (BEST. JOB. EVER.), we're able to sleep better at night knowing we don't have a mountain of debt looming over our heads, and some of our most memorable moments have happened in those simplest of days when we've just spent quality time with one another. 

Basically, what I'm saying is, Thank You. For teaching me how to live life more simply, but at the same time more fully. It's a crazy thing I never knew about before until I met you. And Thank You for living this simple life right alongside me - there's no one I'd rather do this thing with than you!

All my love,


  1. You are very lucky to have learned these lessons early in life. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Awwwwwww ;)

    And, you're not the only ones who don't have smart phones, cable and fancy cars! Oh, and we don't even have a flat screen TV.

    Oh, right. That wasn't the point of your lovely post.

    Congrats on 4 years. I'm blessed to know you guys and I know that God has great things ahead in the years to come. Hope the move went well today -- can't wait to hear all about it.


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