Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our New Digs!

Hi Friends! Are any of you still out there?? 

It has been awfully quiet on the blog lately because we've been busy with something exciting - purchasing our new home! I've been bursting at the seams to share the news, but wanted to wait until it was semi-official. We've had the inspection and everything checked out, so now we feel more at ease about it actually being "ours".

Yes - we're still in shock too. We never expected in a million years to find a house we loved so quickly, but the moment we walked in we were smitten. We still find ourselves giddily smiling about it and randomly saying, "I'm so excited about the house!"

I'll spare you the 1,629 details I could gush about and just get straight to the photos. 

The highlights: it's an all-brick 1947 sprawling ranch that has been updated to the 21st century on the inside (still needs some TLC on the outside) but it also still maintains some of that 1940's charm, and it's situated on 9 acres (!!) with 2 barns, 3 fireplaces, 5 bedrooms and 3 full baths. We were totally sticker shocked (in a good way) when we saw how much house and land we could get down south in comparison to Upstate New York! 

Here are some photos:

Here's the front of the house. Lovely rust-colored wrought iron that we have to figure out how to beautify or get rid of ;) The landscaping to the front of the house is all new, so thankfully that's one outside feature we don't have to worry with. As you can see, the house used to have a garage but has been enclosed to make 2 extra bedrooms, so there's just a carport (which we don't mind since the south isn't known for snow, and since there are two barns where we can put our lawnmower and garden supplies).

When you walk into the front door, there's a small entryway (not pictured). To the left is the dining room and to the right is the living room (below). It has a fireplace, with two giant windows. I see us spending the majority of our time in this room!

Living Room

Another view of the living room (you can see the entry way to the left and the dining room on the other side of the entry). The dining room leads into the kitchen and there's a full bath off from the living room through that door.

The bathroom off from the living room

This is the best picture of the kitchen I could get without snapping a photo of our inspectors work station down at the end ;) My favorite feature(s) of the kitchen are that it's a galley much like our old house, and it has two giant windows at the end with a big clearing (perfect for a breakfast nook!). The only thing I think we'd change in this room is the paint color (it's a bit peachy), and eventually we'd like to switch out the countertops for granite.

Dinging room with carpet (that we'll eventually replace with hardwoods that match the kitchen). 

And down the hall from the kitchen are the 2 spare bedrooms that used to be the garage...

Back to the living room, and you can see the main hall that has the other 3 bedrooms and  2 bathrooms. There's one bedroom on the right (we're probably going to make that William's room), one on the left, and the master bedroom straight back.

Possibly Williams' room

 The bedroom across from William's room

Laundry nook off from the main bathroom

Main bath (it's bigger than our ONE bathroom back in the old house)

Master Suite 

With a fireplace! 

 And a bathroom! (we'll eventually do a double vanity in here)

And one of my favorite features - a charming little linen closet. 

Now to the outside!

Here's our view from the front porch - the neighbor across the street has a large horse farm.

The side of the house has some nice clearing and mature trees. 

The two barns (which you can't really see that well because of the overgrown lawn)

And the back yard that's also overgrown and leads out to the wooded land (there's also a cool dry stack rock wall that separates the "yard" from the "land" 

Looking at the back of the house...

And that's the 3rd fireplace - on the patio! We envision lots of opportunity for entertaining out there. 

So that's the grand tour! And that's what we've been occupied with lately. This post is now looking a mile long, by the way. 

Closing is officially set for June 10 and we're planning on slowly moving in that week but having all of our stuff settled by June 15. And then the fun begins of making it our own! However, Nathan and I have decided that we'll be taking our time with this house - we really want to think long-term and make smart decisions so we're not re-decorating, re-modeling, and re-doing a bunch of things in a few years. So expect to see the progress happen slowly - we're still recovering from lonnnnng project list from the old house! ;)


  1. I hope you will have many happy years in your new home, it looks a fabulous place with lotsssssssss of out door space for William to play, you will never see him when he gets older lol


  2. Absolutely beautiful!!! So happy for you three!!!!

  3. HOLY COW! This is awesome! Sooooo much space, inside and out. I love all the living space. And I'm obsessed with that backyard view.

    So excited for you! Congrats!

  4. Loving it! I love all of the brick on the houses in Tennessee; I visited 9 years ago when my high school best friend moved to Franklin. That outdoor fireplace is such a cool feature, too! Congrats!

  5. I was hoping you'd be back online today when I saw your comment :) Love the house -- great features and delightful white trim (with thick baseboards - love!), and an awesome amount of space. Love the patio and fireplace. Can't wait to see how you make it your own!! Congrats, friend. Praying that all comes through on the house.

  6. Congrats Rachel, Nathan and William!! We already miss you up here in NY but know the Lord had other plans for you! What a BEAUTIFUL house you found!! The Lord has truly blessed!! Love the view of the horse farm!! Looking forward to seeing future pictures as you settle in and make your new house a home!


  8. Congrats! It looks amazing! Makes me miss all the area we had around us. I can't wait to see what you do with the house.


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