Monday, April 8, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday friends!!

This is where we spent the majority of our weekend. Outside! Spring has made is grand debut in our part of the country and we couldn't be more happy about it. In fact, today the whole family went without jackets and we turned the heat off. Keep it up, spring. Keep. It. Up. 

The above picture was taken in our backyard on Saturday afternoon. I sprawled out a big beach towel, plopped us down on it, and we had a bubble-blowing fun time. William is at such a fun age - everything is funny, magically, surprising, interesting, etc to him right now. The world is his oyster! (And I'm having such a blast reliving my childhood right alongside him.) 

In other exciting news, this weekend we learned that Nathan's company wants him in Tennessee by May 1 (!!!!), which means our move date just got bumped up by one entire month. Yowza, do we have a lot to do! 

And being the sentimental one in the family, it is taking me twice the amount of time to pack everything lately. You know, because instead of just wrapping the stinkin' cups in bubble wrap and throwing them in a box, I have to sit there and stare at them . . . remember that "one time" when we drank hot cocoa out of it and sat on the couch and talked about life, love and other mysteries . . .and sob my eyes out while I wrap it delicately in 5,327 layers of newspaper so it never gets broken and ever-so-gently place it in the box. (Which my husband adores, by the way. *cough, cough*)

Anyway! ;)

Here's what we're having this week. I've also decided to list in William's lunch menu, because I've started planning that out lately too - it's much easier than trying to figure it out on the fly right before lunch (I've got a post in the works for this as well!). For breakfast and dinner, he usually just eats what we're eating but I switch it up for his lunch and offer him different things.

Monday - Honey Lime Chicken, Cilantro Lime Rice, Grilled Veggies {we're taking dinner to our sweet friends who just welcomed home an adorably squishy new baby boy!}

William's finger-food lunch: Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadilla strips, applesauce 

Tuesday - Turkey Meatball Subs, Fruit 

William's finger-food lunch: Ham and Cheese, pears

Wednesday - Cheese Ravioli, Garlic Breadsticks, Veggies

William's finger-food lunch: Peanut Butter and Jelly, mango with peaches

Thursday Leftovers

William's finger-food lunch: Butternut Squash Skillet (recipe here), mango

Friday - Crock Pot Cheeseburgers, fruit 

William's finger-food lunch: sweet potato pancakes (recipe here), applesauce 

Saturday - Egg Salad Sandwiches, fruit

William's finger-food lunch: Sweet Potato Mini Muffins (recipe here), ham, pears

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  1. Yay, how exciting!! We went to Chattanooga last weekend for the little man's 1st birthday. We cannot wait, one more year then we put the house on the market and make our big move there. :) It's just that one more year thing. :( I am going to have to steal some of your lunch ideas for my little guy and see how he likes them. He is texture sensitive and extremely picky right now. I keep meaning to try the Honey Lime Chicken, I have only printed the recipe out like 6 times.

  2. Delicious week!! Love the William menu plan too. I can imagine how much easier that makes things.

    I'm excited for you three as well with your move... but, yes, time to really start saying goodbye, and hello to new adventures.

  3. What!!!! Moving to TN?! That is so awesome!! :) We are definitely going to have to plan a get-together since we'll live so close to each other!


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