Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Day in the Life of a SAHM

I realized the other day that I haven't shared with you what a "typical day" looks like around here now that I've traded in my pants suits and high heels for jeans and sneakers. 

(And as a sidenote: many of those who know me well are probably thinking, "Rachel wears sneakers now?!?" Before you start envisioning me in Keds, you'll be happy to know that I have found stylish sneakers. If there are such a thing. When you're wrangling a baby, you need something comfortable, people. I had no other choice. In case you're really wondering, these are the ones I adorn most days. I have them in black - not featured online. But they are the Best. Shoes. Ever. And they're waterproof which makes them double as my new favorite hiking shoe!) 

Alrighty, where were we? Yes! What I do all day. This is really more for myself than for you. If we have more babies (which we hope the Lord blesses us with - much further down the road, mind you), I want to be able to look back and see what life used to be like when there was just one child. Many days go by where I feel so busy, but I'm sure in a few years with a few more kids in tow, I'll look back and laugh at this. Or long for it again. Who knows! ;)

7:00 AM - Rise and shine!!

  • That cute little fella' starts purring around 6:30, and I get him up at 7:00. He's a hungry guy after 12 hours of sleeping so there's a few things that come first - he needs a diaper change or else he's thisclose to wetting through everything and he needs his bottle right this very second thankyouverymuch. ;)

7:30-8:00 AM - Independent Play while Mommy makes breakfast and cleans the kitchen
  • William goes into his exersaucer first thing because he's got TONS of energy in the morning. While he's doing that, I clean the kitchen from the night before, start the coffee (crucial!), wash the bottles, and make breakfast. I usually eat my own breakfast here and drink my coffee.

8:00 AM - William eats breakfast 

8:15ish or so - Clean up from breakfast and more play time.
  • Now that William's crawling, I just put a few of his favorite toys around the living room and he just spends this time crawling around babbling while I clean up from breakfast. 
8:30 - One-on-One time with Mommy (and Daddy if he's home from work that day)
  • We play on his blanket with his toys, I tickle him or do 476 other random things to make him laugh, we might sing a song or two, etc.
8:45 - Wind Down
  • We clean up the toys (well, mostly me while William watches) and then we start doing some low key activities. I change his diaper, we read books).
9:00-10:30 - William takes his morning nap
  • I use this time to do my devotions, check my email, update the blog, make the bed, start a load of laundry and then have some quiet time. 
10:30 - William wakes up, Play time
  • William has some more play time (usually some music time while he plays with his treasure box, or we may go for a walk outside if it's nice)

11:00 - Feed William, followed by his lunch solids at noon

12:00-1:00 - Run errands, go to a Meet Up event with our mom's group, play inside, go outside, give William a bath, etc. (These activities vary from day to day)

1:15-3:00 - William takes his afternoon nap
  • I use this time to either hang out with Nathan if he's home (we'll have lunch and spend some time together), or I get some cleaning done, prep dinner, workout, check email, etc. 
3:00 - William wakes up and I feed him.

3:30-5:00 - More play time! :) (as you can see, we do a lot of this every day). If Nathan worked a day shift then he usually gets home around 4:30 and "takes over" with William - they play together while I make dinner.

5:00 - Dinner time for William

6:00 - Start William's bedtime routine

6:30-7:00 - William goes to bed. 

After William's in bed, Nathan and I usually eat dinner (eventually William's meal time will line up better with ours, but right now this works best for us), and then we get the rest of the night to ourselves! :)

When Nathan works nights, I do miss him terribly but it's also a nice time for me to unwind, call friends or family members, or catch up on the latest Dancing With the Stars (dontjudgeme). 

I know it's not Starbucks, brainstorming sessions, and interviews with the media, but this new life I've chosen (and been extremely blessed to have) is one that gives me so much more joy than any of my other jobs combined. (And it requires more energy! Ha!)


  1. Your day makes me tired just reading about it! HA It makes you wonder what you did before you had William, doesn't it? How did you fill up all those days?! So glad you are with him.

  2. I'm giggling about your new work wear! I'm going to be sad if I can't wear my cute dresses some day. I'm sure I will still make it work;)

  3. My mom stayed home with me and my sisters for quite a few years and although she was exhausted for most of that time, she always said it was the best job she ever had! :)

    You sure do have a busy day, but your "client" is adorable!

  4. I love reading your blog! I do miss thrift store posts......LOL


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