Thursday, March 7, 2013

Setting the Stage

I shared the exciting news with you on Monday that we have officially listed our house for sale. (!!!)

Since this is our first rodeo, I thought you might be interested in the details. Turns out, selling a house takes a lot of time, and money. At first, we were seriously considering the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route, but after interviewing some local experts and doing lots of number crunching we realized we wouldn't be saving that much money. And, interestingly, we learned that many realtors avoid FSBO listings because of the lower commission rate. Since we want to sell our house quickly, we opted to hire a realtor with one of the best-known agencies in our area. 

Sure, paying the 6% doesn't have us thrilled, but we actually got a great deal on our house when we bought it back in 2009. And all of our major house projects weren't nearly as expensive as they should have been because we did it all ourselves. So, we're hoping we won't be too disappointed when all is said and done. 

As part of our realtor's package, she invited a professional stager to come to our house and help us really make the most of our square footage. We have Before and After photos of our place under the "Tour Our Casa" tab, but I thought it might be fun to share these "after" pictures of the staging process. 

This area doesn't make it into a lot of photos, but this is the front entryway of our house. We've had that shelf, mirror and vase there since we moved in and decorated, but the stager recommended moving the plant and lamp beside the window. We also had plans to rip up that slate floor and put some ceramic tile in (the same kind we used in the dining room/kitchen), but apparently slate entryways are very popular up here because of the weather so it was recommended we leave it as is. Works for us! :) 

We've lived in this house for four years and have always struggled with our Living Room layout. The stager come into our house and within five minutes told us how to lay it out like this. Genius! It makes perfect sense. We love the new layout, and totally regret not having it this way all along. It provides a huge open space on the floor for William to play, and we really love how open and big it feels now.

The Living Room opens up into the Dining Room/Kitchen, and this is a space you've seen a lot around here. ;) The only thing we did differently in here was remove the China Hutch to make the Dining Room appear larger. We love the openness of it, but for practicality reasons I probably would've kept the hutch where it was if we were staying. 

And the kitchen. Where my man and my dad spent about six months. I am so proud of how far this space has come! We also didn't change much in here except moving everything off of the countertops and removing the rug. 

Here's the hallway. We removed the photo gallery wall and patched up all the holes. It really does make it look larger!

The first door on the left is our bathroom. We simply removed the curtain from the window, rugs and Nathan re-caulked the tub and sink.

The first room to the right is William's room. We didn't change a thing in here other than putting away his rug to show off the hardwood floors. 

Straight to the back is the Guest Bedroom/Office. This space got all new paint on the walls, windows, closets and trim (we just kept it basic and clean with plain white). We also rearranged some furniture and hung some simple art on the walls. 

And lastly, to the left of the guest bedroom is our master bedroom. We removed some artwork and a small table that was in there just to keep things simple and understated. 

We also did a complete overhaul of our basement (it got paint and some major organization), and cleaned and packed up our garage. 

Showings are officially underway this week, and it's been so easy to have just a few things to put away before people come to look at the house. It's really just a matter of removing wastebaskets, putting about toiletries in the bathroom, and storing William's toys out of sight. 

Now that the house is staged and cleaned 99% of the time, it almost makes me not want to move! :) 


  1. We have been thinking about moving too and staging is one of the BIG things on my mind after watching all those home shows with my mom years ago. Glad to hear you're not pulling out your hair while trying to move with a baby. Hope it goes well for you guys!

  2. Super interesting. I'm especially interested about removing the rug in the kitchen and taking down the gallery wall. I'll have to remember that when we sell. It all looks great. I'm sure it will get snapped right up.

  3. I missed the post about putting your house up for sale! How cool! You guys are going to be on to your next adventure before you know it. :) Congrats and everything looks great. :)


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