Wednesday, March 6, 2013

8 Months

I say this every month, but it really is hard to believe another one has passed and our sweet boy is now 8 months old! 

Our days have become quite predictable now - William dropped his catnap, and he's napping twice/day. He usually goes down around 9 AM, is up around 10:30 and goes down again around 1 PM. Then he usually gets up around 3 PM and stays up until his bedtime. Bedtime used to be 7 PM but he can't quite make it four hours before bed without getting tired, so he's usually asleep by 6:30 most nights. There are the occasional "off" days, but this is pretty much our typical routine right now. It is so much easier now that he's awake longer, napping less, and eating further apart.

Other fun things going on this month:

  • He seems so very close to crawling. He'll arch his back really high, scoot his knee under his belly and then try to go forward. Mostly he just spins in circles, but I feel like this major milestone isn't that far off for us. He has really taken an interest in it lately! Whenever we're around other babies who are crawling, he looks at them with such amazement like "Wow! How do they do that?!?" :) It's so endearing to watch.
  • We've dealt with a bit of separation anxiety this month. Whenever we leave the room and we're not in eyesight anymore, William is fine for about five minutes and then he'll start to whimper. He keeps this up for a few minutes and then starts crying until you show your face to him and reassure him he's OK. We are in a mom's group, so I'm hoping with baby socialization, regularly scheduled independent play time and lots of reassurance that this phase will pass quickly. (Here's hoping!)
  • One of his new favorite things to do is explore his "treasure box." I found this idea on Pinterest, and you basically fill a basket with household items that are fun for baby to explore. I filled ours with the following: a plastic tin filled with rice, a metal serving spoon, a metallic napkin ring, a wooden napkin ring, a bath sponge, a shoelace, a CD, a twine ball, one of my bracelets, a faux walnut, a turquoise medallion, a leather wallet, a comb, a plastic plumbing piece, a metal chain, and a fleece headband. It's so fun to watch him explore and pick his "favorites."
  • Another new thing he's done this month is prefer the pacifier. He has never cared for one, and so we've never offered it. However, one day when we put him down to nap Nathan noticed his was making the sucking motion with his mouth so he offered him the pacifier and he slept really good. Now we give it to him at all naps and bed time. I was concerned we were starting a habit that would be hard to break, but he spits it out before he falls asleep. I think the sucking just helps lull him to sleep and then he's done with it. 
Happy 8 months sweet boy! Please stop growing so fast!


  1. I love these updates! He seems so curious - hope that separation anxiety passes - as we always say, it's just a stage (hopefully)

  2. He looks like such a little man in that 8 month picture. That sweater and all the hair? Too cute! I love the treasure box idea so much. Can't wait to try it. Henry is also a but irritated when I have the audacity to be out of his sight. Although he normally just follows us now that he's crawling along.

    So love reading your updates.

  3. Wow! His hair looks darker! When did that happen? He's adorable as always though. :) I like that idea of a treasure box - such a cool thing!


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