Tuesday, January 29, 2013

7 Months

I know this comment is getting old, but I'll say it again - I cannot believe another month has passed and our little fella' is SEVEN months old. 

Six months was hard enough to wrap my mind around, but in some weird way seven months seems too close to one year. Slow down, sweet boy!

Some other fun tidbits from this month:

  • From the time William turned nine weeks old, until his six month birthday, he was a complete cat napper. We'd occasionally get a 1 1/2 hour nap out of him, but most days it was 30-45 minute naps - all.day.long. Then he turned six months and one day I looked at the clock and realized it had been 50 minutes and he was STILL SLEEPING!! That turned into 1 1/2 hours and he's been a pretty decent napper ever since. We still have our "off" days, but overall things are 100 times better in the napping department. (Thank You, Lord!)
     *I should note here that my husband was totally right when he said wayyyyy back in Month Three that William's short naps were "just a phase" that he would grow out of. It was the longest phase ever, but he was right. And thank goodness that phase is over. Now we're onto the next exciting "phases!" ;)

  • William has started doing the sweetest little things lately - casting a soft smile when we walk into the room, rubbing our faces, twirling his fingers through my hair during feeding time, etc. He has always been such a sweet boy, but these things make my heart melt even more. 
  • This month, his main talent has been discovering how to roll over and sit up. He had been practicing rolling to his tummy for weeks and then finally figured it out. Now, anytime you put him on his back, he immediately flips over to his tummy. He's also finally sitting up on his own. After weeks of trying, Nathan had the idea to take William's pants off one day and William sat up so good! I guess the clothes were interfering because ever since then he can sit pretty well all on his own.
  • We've also started "Independent Playtime" with William. We set up his pack and play with some toys, and I turn on the Pandora Raffi Children's music and each day he spends about 20-30 minutes in there playing. It is the most adorable thing to walk through the living room and see him sitting in there deciding which toy he wants to play with next. He is surprisingly very content to play by himself.
  • I also feel like I have said this every month since three months, but I do honestly feel like baby boy might be teething. Yesterday he had about a 45 minute meltdown and nothing we did consoled him until I rubbed some Hylan's Teething Gel on his little gums. Then last night we gave him Tylenol before bed and he slept more sound than he has in nights. Hopefully if it is teething those little suckers will pop through soon! 

Happy seven months sweet boy. You are getting quite the little personality lately, and it is so fun to see it develop. We love you!


  1. 7 months?!?! No way. What a precious boy you have here -- so fun to read your updates.

  2. I LOVE reading your updates - I can just picture that sweet smile - he is such a good boy. Hope his teeth pop through soon.

  3. Poor little man - teeth hurt. I love reading these. I think we may need to try a little more independent play. Henry is - how shall I say- needy. ;) he likes being with his momma at night and all during the weekends. Silly little monkey. But I kinda like it too.

    So happy he's napping for you better. Henry man also went through the nap strike and is now back to better length naps. What a difference it makes for my sanity.

  4. Oh my gosh! I've missed so much! He's getting so big. :) Such a cutie pie.


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