Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Family Goals

Happy New Year, sweet friends! I trust you're spending today with your closest family and friends. I hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve. 

This might have been the very first year we didn't actually make it until midnight and watch the ball drop. William turned in at 6:30. Nathan turned in at 9:30 and I was determined to stay up until midnight. I tried so very hard. But 11:30 was about all I could do. It was probably a good thing too, considering one little fella' decided 3 AM would be a nice time to wake up, wet through his overnight diaper and his entire outfit. Ay Yi Yi. Of course, it took him a while to resettle which means it also took his mama a while to resettle. I'm on my first pot of coffee as I type this. ;)

Anyway. Where was I? Oh yes! Family Goals! Not the least of which would be discovering how in the world to keep my baby dry during the night. These are big problems we're solving over here, folks. 

This year, we're keeping our goals a bit simpler. Adding a baby in the mix sure does make accomplishing things a bit more....challenging. House projects have to get worked in during nap times, and vacations arranged when we can find babysitters. But we do have some things we want to get done!

Spiritual Goals:

  • SSMT is launching - TODAY! If you want to join, or you're just curious what those acronyms stand for, you can read all about that here. Imagine my excitement when Nathan told me that he wanted to participate this year! I am so pumped. I've already chosen my first verse - Proverbs 29:11 "A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control." It's a good one!
  • We're also planning to participate in our church's Read 365 program again. We do this every year, and love it!
  • And after we realized how much praying we did together in 2012, we decided to keep that up this year too! We're hoping to make a conscious effort to sit down and pray together at least once a week.

House Projects:
  • Special order, install, and paint hallway closet doors
  • Paint basement
  • Paint guest bedroom walls and trim
  • Paint bathroom ceiling (we had some moisture issues in there this summer, and we need to repaint the ceiling)
  • *Possibly switch out one of our kitchen cabinet doors (it got a pretty good ding in it during install so we may switch it out with a new door)
Basically it looks like we'll be doing lots of painting this year! ;)

  • We really enjoyed taking smaller trips last year instead of 1 big vacation, so we're hoping to do that again this year! We'd really love to take William camping for the first time, take a weekend hiking trip in Tennessee, and possibly do a beach trip. 

Personal Goals:
I have no idea what Nathan's are, but my #1 personal goal is to get back in shape. I'm satisfied with the number on the scale, but there is a lot of toning that needs to take place. William's not the only one with rolly thighs and a pudgy belly. But he has an advantage - his are pretty darn cute! ;)

What about you? Any goals you hope to accomplish this year? Do share! 

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  1. These goals are great! I like Proverb 29:11.



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