Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lessons I've Learned from a 5-Month-Old

When I was pregnant, and even when baby boy had first arrived I thought of all the wonderful lessons I'd teach him one day - manners, potty training, sharing, self control, respect, obedience, etc.

I had no idea back then that when William arrived he would start teaching me some lessons too. He may look little, but he sure has taught me a lot in five short months! 

  • He's taught me that although it's OK to have a plan, I also need to be flexible.
  • He's taught me how to slow down and see the beauty and amazement in the small things. Christmas lights, snow falling, or the way a certain funny noise tickles our throat in a new and interesting way. :) 
  • He's taught me that laying on the blanket while we read books really is more fun than folding that laundry or doing those dishes. 
  • He's taught me that the power of a smile can really brighten someone's day. 
  • He's taught me that all is not lost if he misses a nap every once in a while. The world is to be explored and observed.
  • He's taught me patience.
  • He's taught me that those few extra moments of baby snuggles in the morning far outweigh the tiredness I feel from a baby who woke up early. 
But most of all, he's taught me what true, innocent, unabashed love really is. 

Nathan and I have often commented on how cool it is that William just loves us. Unconditionally. No strings attached. It doesn't matter if we're having a bad hair day, whether we forget to put on deodorant that morning, have the worst coffee breath ever, or are just in a funky mood. He still smiles up at us with those big sweet eyes and does what comes naturally for him - he loves. I could learn a lesson or two from watching him innocently love with no strings attached. 

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding journeys. And we're just getting started. 


  1. Sweet, sweet post! I felt the same way about teaching my girls things and realizing I was being taught so much more from them. And still am!
    The absolute sense of wonder in children is amazing. As you watch William get older and as he explores even more, seeing the gleam in their eye of learning something else or a new word. WOW, just WOW! I am honestly blown away everyday by something one or both girls did or said. Nyla loves to play with the most basic things and finds something exciting in them. And even with Naomi, the second child, her learning the same things Nyla learned, it doesn't get old. Seeing her discover things is awesome. And she's starting to talk more and learn new words. It literally blows my mind!

    Daniel and I talk often about the girls unconditional love for us and vice versa. Having our girls has given us the tiniest glimpse of God's unconditional love for us. No matter what our girls do, we still love them. No matter what we do, God still loves us! Simply amazing!!!!!!!!

  2. Rachel,

    This is a beautiful post (and a beautiful blog)! I recently came across your blog and, when I saw your picture, I thought you looked familiar. After a little thinking, I realized that we took a communications class together at St. John Fisher College (though I am sure you don't remember me)! I don't even remember what the class was called, but I know that it was in the Mac computer lab. We never really got to know each other, but I remember thinking that you seemed like SUCH a nice person. It's so funny how the world works, isn't it?

    Please stop by my blog sometime. Have a great day!


  3. What a beautiful post - melted my heart. I too thought that I would be the one doing the most teaching, but it is truly the other way around. I have learned so much from kids (and continue to do so)!

    William's face melts my heart every time I see it. Such a sweet smile!

  4. This is such a beautiful post. And you are such a wonderful mother and a gifted writer. Being a mom has changed me in so many profound ways.


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