Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Traditions (AKA: Photo Bomb of our Baby's First Traditions)

It's no secret that I love having holiday traditions. From picking out our Christmas Tree, hanging icicle lights, and eating Peanut Butter Marshmallow Toast, it's a holiday-filled month (or two) leading up to Christmas for us!

And it's no different now that we have a baby in tow. In fact, it just means even MORE traditions! :) Starting with taking William to meet Santa. Of course, he'll never remember this but the Santa at our local mall is so lifelike that I knew we had to go. If I'm being totally honest, this trip was probably more for me than William. I just had to get close enough to that Santa to see if his beard was real or not. 

And it was. Just look at that thing! He even has the rosy cheeks to top it all off. 

In true William fashion, he took meeting Santa very seriously. And obviously this Santa had the same mellow personality as our little fella'. There was no small talk, smiles or giggles. If I could read William's thoughts, I bet they went a little something like this: "Just take the picture and get me outta' here mom!" or...."Seriously?!? We're at the mall again?!?" ;)

I decided to wait a few days before introducing William to even more holiday traditions. 

In the meantime, I thought he might like to reenact meeting Santa...

But again, he was underwhelmed.

So we went out a few days later to take our photo for our Christmas Card. I figured with us being outside (his favorite place in the world) that he would just eat. it. up. 

He wasn't the slightest bit amused.

But THEN we went to the Christmas Tree Farm . . .

He was squealing and laughing the minute we got there. I'm not sure whether he did this to finally appease his mama or whether he's just the more rustic, adventurous type. Nevertheless, he was in his element. The Christmas spirit had tugged his heartstrings and it never let go. 

He even talked and laughed the whole way home in the car. And even though our tree still stands in the living room without any decorations on it yet, he cannot take his eyes off of it. 

It's officially Christmas at the Atwood Casa, y'all! :)


  1. LOVE the family picture in front of the barn!!! And the one of William in the Santa hat is now my new screensaver.

  2. Love your new header! The pictures are too funny! At least he was finally a bit excited about the tree!

  3. Love the new blog look and the picture in front of the barn! PS do you mind emailing me as to how you get your blog format to be wider? Mine is so narrow...

  4. You'll never know what joy that last picture brings me. He is adorable. And there is nothing better than baby squeals and giggles. It has me smiling just imagining it.

    I love how serious he looks with Santa. And I am LOVING that family picture. Such a gorgeous family. And you look amazing, momma.


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