Thursday, December 27, 2012

6 Months

It is hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that our sweet boy is 6 months old. We broke out our new 2013 calendar this week and I do what I do every year we have a new calendar - I write all of our friends and family members' birthdays in it. I got to June 2013 and wrote "William's 1st Birthday" and then I realized that June is not that far away! It might be to normal people, but in mama time six months feels like six days!! Am I right mama's?? 

As always, here are some other fun tidbits I want to remember from William's sixth month:

  • Baby boy is a ham in the church nursery! He has got every single nursery worker wrapped around his little finger. Every Sunday when we drop him off, the ladies get so excited and when we pick him up it's always "Oh, he was so funny when he did..." or "He rolled over!" Quite the entertainer our little fella' is. ;)
  • This month, William got to meet his cousins for the very first time! My brother and his family came up to NY for Christmas and William was held, cuddled, played with, and kissed. He had a wonderful time meeting his cousins!
  • We've had some sleep disruptions due to what we thought was teething but turned out to be a cold, and William's fascination with scooting. It's basically crawling but he does it on his back. He manages to do a complete 180-degree turn in his crib, many times getting his tiny feet stuck in the slats. Imagine how much more fun our naps are getting! ;) We've since added some bumpers and I'm hoping that keeps our little scooter's feet from getting pinched. 
  • Just about every time we look over at William now, he has a fist in his mouth. The boy has become fascinated with chewing on his fingers. And he doesn't have a preference which one. In fact, most days he prefers about 8 fingers in his mouth at one time. He also likes other people's fingers. I do think teething might be right around the corner, but I feel like I've been saying that since he turned 3 months old. ;)
  • His favorite book right now is The Great Big Fire Engine Book. We read it at least twice per day, and every time he sees it he squeals and kicks his legs really fast. He loves looking at the pictures and loves the noises like "ding ding" and "s-s-s-s-" It is so fun seeing his face light up when we read to him!

Six months has been a fun time, sweet boy. I've had a blast dancing with you, teaching you highchair manners, watching you discover new things, and celebrating our first Christmas as a family of three. You sure did make it even more merrier! 


  1. Happy 6 months!! Can't believe it either.

  2. Love the update - happy half a year birthday to William!

  3. Hope the sleeping gets better! We went through a lot of "bumper" stages since bringing baby home. At first, I put them in the crib even though the big thing now is not to due to suffocation hazards, but then I took them out a little while later so that baby could actually see the room, but then his legs starting getting stuck in the slats and so I put them back on, and now I have had to take them off permanently, because he had started to climb on them to try to get out.

    Always something to learn and fuss with over and over being a momma!

  4. He is getting so big! I can't believe it's been 6 months already!

  5. I don't think he could be any sweeter. Just such a handsome guy. I always love reading your recaps because William and Henry are so much alike. Like the hand/hands in the mouth, and the attention span of five minutes for any toy, and the dislike of peas. Cut from the same cloth, these two.

  6. I totally sympathize on the cold. I carried Zack to the doctor on Friday - the flu! (Then hubby and sister got it Sunday). Merry Christmas! I did learn a new tip with his runny nose. The doctor told me to swab the inside with Neosporine since it is an antibacterial cream. I did it three times and no more runny nose, and a happier baby! I hope the teething goes easy, Zack has had a time. I did read on Pinterest yesterday to let them chew on a cold celery stick. Supposedly, celery is a natural pain reliever. Will have to get some tonight and experiment. I'll let you know how it works. Hope you have a Happy New Year!


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