Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Family Goals - Recap

Every year, Nathan and I set out to accomplish certain "family goals" and for the past 2 years, I've been sharing them on the blog as a fun, virtual way to keep myself accountable.  (In case you're curious, here are our original posts about our 2011 Goals and 2012 Goals.)

I can't believe it's already time to start making a new year's worth of goals! Did anyone else feel like 2012 flew by in a flash?? I'm sure this feeling has nothing to do with being new parents and trying to keep a baby alive. ;)

I'll share our new family goals tomorrow. Today, let's recap how we did in 2012!

Spiritual Goals:
  • Rachel- Join SSMT again, memorizing 24 verses in 52 weeks  - SSMT did not happen in 2012, but I did do my own scripture memorization. I set out to memorize 24 verses again, but I think I only managed to make it to 12. 
  • Together – get back in the habit of doing couples devotions and having more prayer time together - Although our couples devotions didn't happen nearly as often as we'd like, we did pray together a lot this year! I am so thankful for a man who prays for me, and with me.  

Financial Goals:
  • Beef up our "rainy day" fund - we were able to do this...just in time to pay off all the medical bills from William's birth! ;)
  • Continue paying down the last of the student loan debt; finally becoming debt free! I think we do still have a little bit left on this one, but other than that (and our mortgage) we are debt free. It's a good feeling! 
  • Save enough money to take another vacation - we decided to do a smaller vacation this year because I was pregnant so we visited Toronto and had a blast!

House Project Goals:

  • We have a big project we’ve been working on that’s coming down the pipeline in a few short weeks, but I have a whole post planned for that, so you’ll have to wait! - This was the big nursery surprise! :) We finished it just in time for baby boy's arrival.
  • Finish painting all the trim white - we only have 1 more bedroom (the guest/office) to finish and we're actually waiting because the bedroom needs a fresh coat of paint on the walls, so we decided to knock both of those out at the same time. 
  • Buy new closet doors, and paint them white - we decided to keep the closet doors in the bedrooms, and just purchase doors for the hall and entryway closets. Since our doors are so small, we actually have to special order them in January. This project has taken wayyyy longer than we ever thought possible! 
  • Hang crown molding around upper cabinets in January, finally kissing the Kitchen Renovation GOODBYE! - Done!
  • Redecorate Guest Bedroom - Eh. We didn't really "redecorate"...just kind of mealpieced it together before William's arrival. We're hoping to do this once we start painting the room after the New Year.
  • Re-arrange the furniture in the living room (maybe), and DIY some art for above the couch - We did contemplate a furniture rearrangement but decided it wouldn't work, and we never got around to the artwork. I'm starting to see a pattern here where it comes to our "house projects" for 2012 - ha! 

  • Add trellis to back flower bed - Nathan's parents sweetly did this for us when they were here in June
  • Plant something vine-y in the back bed to grow up the trellis - I completely neglected all yard work this summer because I was tending to a newborn. Excuses, Excuses! ;)
  • Paint the shed in the backyard - nope, didn't even think about it!
  • Remove dead tree in side lawn before winter 2012 - this was actually a huge blessing. Our neighbor has a friend in the tree business and she had it removed for us! 
  • Remove bushes by the mailbox - we hired some college boys to come do this big job for us. I just realized I never took a photo of this before and after, but trust me when I say that's probably a good thing. Those bushes were mammoth and out of control! 

Marriage Goals:
  • Continue with our “love jar” discipline, and our $2/offense discipline – loving and respecting each other more. - We actually stopped doing the $2/offense thing because we realized we're so awesome a lot of our "poor arguing" habits could easily be resolved if we simply learned to communicate better with one another. You know, sort of solving the issue before it becomes a problem - imagine that! ;) It has been/is a work in progress, but I will share something very personal and honest with you. For myself, reading Unglued has been the biggest eye opener this year in our marriage. I had a bad habit of "stuffing" and then "exploding" in our marriage, and this book has really helped me to see that habit for what it is, and has helped me learn how to deal with it. Self control is an amazing little thing....when we choose to use it. I'm learning this daily. 

I'd say we did pretty well meeting our goals considering that three months out of our year were spent massively sleep deprived and highly hormonal. (that last part was more me than Nathan - ha!).

Here's to a brand new year!


  1. We all want to see our children succeed in life. To see them excel in sports, school, special interests, and in their professional and personal lives. One of the best ways to teach them about success is to teach them the importance of goal setting.

  2. Talk about a successful year. You guys are such an inspiration and accomplished so much.


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