Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend Getaway

I shared on Monday how Nathan planned a little getaway for us last weekend to celebrate my birthday. 

But before I share all the fun we had, I do have to say that leaving our four-month-old for an overnight at my parents for the first time didn't go as badly as I thought. Of course I knew my parents were completely capable, but I thought I'd be an emotional wreck! I'm with William 24/7 so I just knew I'd have major withdrawals or be calling my mom every hour to check in. Don't get me wrong - I was your typical, obnoxious anxious, first-time-mama...leaving three pages of notes (I kid you not). I also caught myself doing a lot of, "Oh, and one more thing I forgot to tell you..." and other random tidbits like "If he gets fussy, just sing three verses of Blessed Assurance while you rock him, shhh him, hold his paci in his mouth, and stand on your head." 

That last one is a bit of an over-exaggeration, but I'm sure it sounded like that to my mom. ;)

In a nutshell, William had a blast and didn't even notice we were gone, I didn't cry, and I also managed to make it a solid 24 hours before I called to check in. I'd say it was a success!

A big fat thanks to my parents for babysitting! 

Once we bid my parents and William farewell, we hit the road! 

As for where we went, Nathan did something completely uncharacteristic. We hopped in the car, headed to Canada with NO PLAN! We didn't even have a hotel room booked. If you know my man, then you know this is so unlike him. I loved that he threw caution to the wind for a weekend and catered to my spontaneous personality. :)

Our first stop was at Fort Niagara. It's on the American side, so we stopped there before crossing over to Canada. We really enjoyed touring the fort and learning about the history.

Once we crossed over into Canada, we stopped off and did some hiking along the base of the falls...

Canada had some gorgeous fall color in peak! 

Once we exhausted ourselves hiking, we decided to start searching for a place to stay. We ended up getting a lovely room at the Double Tree Fallsview, where our room overlooked the Niagara River. 

{This was the beautiful Canadian sunrise that was 
right outside our window the next morning!}

We spent a lot of time in the hotel's pool and sauna (read: relaxation!). 

And then we ended up winging it the rest of the weekend! We roamed aimlessly around Niagara Falls on Friday night stopping wherever we wanted along the way . . .

And on Saturday we hopped in the car and drove another 20 minutes to Niagara-on-the-Lake. It's such a quaint little town with lots of unique shops and eateries. 

More beautiful fall color . . .

A special thanks to my man for (not) planning this trip! :) It was a memorable way to spend my birthday and such a treat to have a few days "off." 

We also got some pretty sweet welcome home kisses from our slobbery little fella!

Is it just me, or does his face totally say "I was spoiled rotten all weekend long" ??? ;)


  1. So glad you had a getaway weekend~ the pictures are beautiful - the trees are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing the pictures. So glad that William and your parents had a good time, too.

  2. The colors in your pictures are amazing!

  3. what a treat!! And, a beautiful weekend of fall color too. What a great time of year to see the falls. All the color is well-past here... so I enjoyed the pretty colors.

  4. What a fun trip! The pictures are beautiful - that sunrise is amazing, the fall leaves are gorgeous and the building architecture is so charming! I'm glad you guys got to have a break and I'm sure your parents loved getting to spend quality time with their grandbaby. :)

  5. This looks so fun. And what a sweet hubby you have. And I'm so glad the little guy did so well with your parents.


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