Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Recap

We survived the weekend! Friday morning started off not so fun...William had an appointment for his 2 month vaccinations. *tear* 

No one warned me how hard of an appointment that would be! I cried right there in the doctor's office, and when we got home. In fact, I think the shots might have hurt me more than they did William...once pricked, he let out one big "OUCH! That Hurt!" howl, and then I scooped him up and he was totally fine. He went right in his car seat and finished out his nap like nothing ever happened. Me on the other hand? My mama heart broke into pieces!

Since the shots made William feel a bit yucky, he spent the majority of the weekend resting, and occasionally giving us a very pitiful "hold me" cry. 

On Saturday, Nathan and I ventured out to explore a new park about an hour from our house. We didn't want to take the little guy with us because of him being a little off so my mother gladly offered to babysit for us. I don't even think William realized we were gone...he slept most of the time at her house! 

This was the first time both Nathan and I had been away from William for more than 2 hours, and it was such a wonderful needed little break for us. The scenery was beautiful, and there was the slightest nip of fall in the air. 

A special thanks to my parents, who let us steal away for the day and enjoy some time alone. It was much appreciated!


  1. What a treat to spend some time alone together outside enjoying the beautiful "fall-like" weather. I'm glad you survived the shots... as you wrote, it just reminded me how many times God must shed tears for us as we walk through this life. Precious that we get a tiny glimpse into that.

  2. Looks like a wonderful, peaceful place to spend some alone time. I agree that it's so important to be with your hubby sometimes by yourselves. I've really enjoyed the times that it was just Ryan and I. And then rushed to snuggle my little guy when we got back. My mom has actually taken to keeping Henry overnight on Sunday nights. It's been kind of fun to just have me and Ryan time on Sunday nights. Although, by Monday after work, I am missing Henry like crazy.

  3. Glad you had some time together in such a gorgeous setting - loved the pictures!

    My heart broke for William and I wasn't even there! They seem so vulnerable and they don't realize we are doing what is best for them.

  4. What a beautiful place! Are you back to work?

  5. Aw, that's so nice that you guys got to get away for a little bit! :) What a pretty place! I'm sorry that you had to see your baby boy get shots. It always bothered me seeing my little sister get hers :(


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