Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One Week Old :)

Thank you so much to everyone who left comments of congratulations about our sweet boy! We definitely feel the excitement and love of everyone around us, and that's been a tremendous blessing as we've navigated this very first week of parenthood.

We've been home four days now, and William seems to like the comfort of our place. He loves snuggling, skin-to-skin times with mommy and/or daddy, and of course as with any new baby - he loves to eat and sleep! :)

I'm sure once we're in a better routine, I'll be back to blogging about our every day life, but right now we're enjoying all the time bonding as a new family of three. 

Until then, I'll tide you over with a few photos of our little precious little guy...


  1. Oh he's just beautiful! And look at all that dark hair! I wish I was up there to give him some loving. I just love new babies!!!!!
    I hope you're recovering well and all are adjusting!

  2. We are so excited. Sending package next week (hopefully in time for Nathan's birthday. Can't wait to hold him during your visit.

  3. He is just too precious. Hope all is going well.


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