Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One Month

I've seen so many creative ways to document baby growth and milestones thanks to Pinterest and the blogosphere. And since we've seen how much William has changed just in four short weeks, I knew I wanted to figure out a way to record these monthly changes. I decided to combine two ideas I loved - this one from Click It Up a Notch and this one from NewlyWoodwards.

We don't want to crowd the blog too much with baby stuff, but our far-away family and close friends don't get to see William's growth in person, so I hope you all enjoy these monthly updates. :) 

A few other notes from this first month of parenthood that I want to remember...

  • While I was pregnant, we decided to stockpile diapers when we saw them on sale. We ended up with close to 200 newborn sized diapers and decided that was PLENTY (they're only in the newborn size until 10 pounds anyway, and we figured our little guy would be bigger than he actually is). Those 200 diapers? GONE. Within the first TWO weeks! We had no idea babies poop and pee so much!
  • Getting sleep in increments of 2 1/2 hours at night is our new norm. Collectively, we manage to get about 6 hours of sleep total within a 24-hour period. William? He gets about 16+ hours of sleep/day. Must be nice. ;)
  • We are SO enjoying being spectators during this stage in William's life. During his "alert" times, it's so fun to watch him explore his new world, try to lift his neck and balance his head on his own, and "find" his body parts - he has discovered how to tug at his hair, pull his ear, and bring his fists up to his mouth. 
  • It's super cute to watch William eat. He properly crosses his ankles and does all sorts of funny things with his hands. 
  • I think I might just have one of the hairiest babies on the planet. And guess what? I love it!! :) William has hair on his ears, the small of his back, his cute butt, his ankles, and he has some of the longest eyelashes I have ever seen! I know for his sake we'll want his werewolfiness to go away before he starts dating, but for now I'm enjoying my hairy little guy. :)

Happy 1-month baby boy! We look forward to many, many more! 


  1. love this!!! I can't believe he's 1 month already. wow.

  2. I can't believe he's a month old already! I also can't believe you went through 200 diapers in 2 weeks! Crazy!

  3. Don't worry about crowding up the blog with baby pictures and info - we love it!

  4. Hairy babies are the best! I love my little fuzz ball he's two months old! Enjoy it the time flies!

  5. William is a darling. I agree with the others, don't worry about crowding the blog with baby posts!! :)

  6. He is so cute! Time went by really fast and it is so not believable that it is a month already! It sounds that you are enjoying every moment with him :).

    I am pregnant and I visit your blog regularly so please keep posting his updates, it feels good to know his progress :) and yes, like others I would say the same that don't worry about crowding the blog with his posts, I love them and I am sure all your readers do too!


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