Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Honest Truth...

We're entering into week 2 of parenting, and here's what I've learned so far . . .

  • Mother's who breastfeed deserve mad respect, but mother's who choose not to? I don't blame 'em one bit! To be quite honest, I used to shake my head in awe when I heard of a mother who chose not to breastfeed...there's so many wonderful benefits for mother and baby. But you know what? Breastfeeding is hard, it hurts, it's exhausting, and it can make you feel a lot of other emotions too. This week, my mantra has been "It will get better." And I know it will. Everyone has told me it will, and I honestly feel that way too. I'm totally looking forward to that!
  • Your body can function on less than 8 hours of sleep per night. All that wonderful sleep I was getting during pregnancy? It sadly didn't store itself up for restless nights with a newborn. But that's OK. Because the next day, even when I'm exhausted, I have a cute little snuggly guy who wants to nuzzle right in my neck. And those naps with him (albeit short and sporadic) are pure bliss.

  • Balancing marriage and a baby is a tough thing - even 1 week in. I'm so thankful Nathan was able to take ten days off work when William was born. But, those ten days weren't filled with us cuddled up on the couch watching Burn Notice re-runs and making out. They were spent changing diapers, burping, feeding, swaddling, rocking, and napping. Since we've been home from the hospital, we've realized we now have to be intentional about spending quality time with one another...whether it's a 5 minute couples devotional, or taking a walk, or planning for an upcoming vacation. 

  • Our baby will survive. The honest truth? Motherhood has brought out a whole side of me that I never thought existed. I used to live care free and fly by the seat of my pants. Now? I worry about every. little. thing. Is he getting enough to eat? What do his cries mean? Am I loving him the right way? Nathan actually called me on it this week, and it was a good reminder. God blessed us with William, and He has him in the palm of His hands. We are the perfect parents for William because we're the only parents he knows. 

  • There is something so satisfying about staring at a tiny human life that God made out of your love for one another. We oftentimes find ourselves staring at William and saying, "I can't believe he's ours!" We're both so thankful that God chose William for us, and us for him. He's the perfect little addition to our team.


  1. You are such a wise woman!!! I loved the pictures and your insight -

  2. Congratulations on the birth of William, a beautiful baby, make the most of now as once he walks, you will never know where he is or what he is up to lol.....

  3. He is just precious! I remember one of my friends telling me how she thought babies were so fragile and then she watched the nurses handle her son in the hospital and figured out it would be ok!

  4. You are so right - God has given you William; and you are perfect for him, just as he is for you. Continuing to send prayers your way... and thanks for sharing a glimpse into all that God is teaching you over the past week!

  5. oh my goodness. His little face is too cute. Love those facial expressions and that hair. He's like a little man. What a wonderful reflection on two weeks of parenthood. I can totally relate. We made a point to go to a concert in the park after a few weeks with Henry, just the two of us. The grandparents watched Henry and it was marvelous.


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