Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Favorite Finds

This weekend isn't supposed to be nearly as warm and sunny as last weekend, but I'm rather glad about it. There's nothing I love more during a cool rainy day then curling up in my bed to read a good book or watch a good chick flick. And this preggo is feeling that bed call her name more and more these days! ;)

Here are a few treats that look awfully appealing for a rainy weekend:

This Skinny Oreo Shake from The Newlyweds only has 150 calories. 
Now there's a sweet treat you can feel good about while you're being lazy! ;)

These Raspberry Lemonade Bars from Annie's Eats look so decadent and yummy!

...As do these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies from Recipe Girl. 
One of these and a glass of milk would make for a perfect reading snack!

But we'll also need some sustenance if we're planning to lounge around all weekend, and there's nothing more yummy during the cooler rainy weather than pure comfort food!

 Check out this Taco Mac from Semi Homemade Mom. My man would love this!

Or these Cheesy Chicken BBQ Sandwiches from Six Sisters Stuff look really good too!

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Don't forget! All of these photos were embedded using Pinterest, and were taken by the lovely recipe creators. Let's give them credit, shall we? To pin their recipe, simply click the "Source" link below the photo and pin their original recipe. Thanks!


  1. Definitely will be making the Oreo shake - at only 150 calories,too - even better


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